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Who invented chop sticks?

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The Chinese Created them in the early 1940'S by anonymous

Who will find out?

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What are some things the Chinese invented?

chop sticks,toys leveeves

How do you eat with chop sticks?

Chop sticks can be difficult for some people to learn.

Who invented the Chinese spoons?

The Chinese spoons have made by Chinese ofcourse, who else, what a dumb question. Chines also invented chop sticks

What are Chinese chop sticks?

Two sticks that you eat with.

How do you hold chop sticks?

With your hands !!

What food can noot eat with chop sticks?

You can eat any food with chop sticks if you try :) well expect pudding maybe :D

Did the Japanese use chop sticks?


What do japanes eat their food with?

chop sticks

How do you eat soup with chop sticks?

You can't.

How do they eat their chicken in japan?

chop sticks

How is chopsticks depleting forests?

The vast majority of chop sticks are made from bamboo which is a renewable source. So I doubt that chop sticks have any effect on the forests.

South China eat there food with?

chop sticks

What is the traditional eating utensil in japan?

chop sticks

What is the major city of the river ganges?

Chop sticks

What do people in China eat noodles with?

Chop sticks

When were glue sticks invented?

Glue sticks were invented in Germany in 1969.

Utensils that Chinese people use for eating?

Chop sticks

What is chopsticks used for?

chop sticks is used for fingering yourself

Where was chop suey invented?

chop suey was invented in 1888 february the 12. it was found in japan tokyo.

Name a food that would be hard to eat with chop sticks?


What utensils do Japanese people use to eat?

Chop sticks and spoons.

What do Chinese people use mostly to eat their food?

chop sticks

Who holds the world record of most smarties eaten with chop sticks?


What utensils did the great plains Indians use?

probs chop sticks

Why do Chinese use chopsticks instead of forks?

They're much more efficient, can be used on almost all types of food including rice. Chop sticks were invented in china long before forks were invented for use with food.