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Who invented curtains?

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no one really knows who invented curtains

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Who invented blackout curtains?

God.... God invented curtains.

Who invented the curtains?

Curtains evolved from old-school basic window coverings used to simply block out light. So I therefore conclude that curtains have no inventors.

Who invented house curtains?

Kirby hamilton invented the curtain he is proble the best looking guy in the world and is great at sport just like Ryan dwyer


form_title=Curtains form_header=Let the light shine through with curtains! How much light would you like to come through the curtains?=_ What fabric and patterns would you prefer to see in your curtains?=_ Do your curtains need to be specially made?= () Yes () No What size are your windows?=_

Who designed curtains?

there is not just one person who designs curtains. the person who designs curtains work for the company who made the curtains. stupid...

What is 'curtains' when translated from English to Italian?

"Curtains" in English is tende in Italian.

What is french for curtains?

curtains - les rideaux

What are the use of curtains?

I was watching a movie. And suddenly curtains opened.

What are bed curtains?

Curtains that go around your bed.

How do you hang balloon curtains?

I bought balloon curtains and the strings were not in the package. First of all how do you hand balloon curtains and how can I use my string and hang these curtains? marene.blauth@gmail.com

What does its curtains for you mean?

This refers to the curtains in a hearse. It means that you will die.

What does des rideaux mean in french?

some curtains or of the curtains

What is the plural of curtains?

curtains is plural, the singular form is curtain.

Can you give me a sentence for the word curtains?

! opened my curtains this morning =)

When was Twilight Curtains created?

Twilight Curtains was created in 1991.

How much do curtains cost?

The value of curtains is determined by the quality and material used to make them. You can find curtains for as low as $19. 99 and as high as $1,000 for curtains made with expensive material.

Why are curtains called curtains?

Curtains are just called curtains because the man who named them was called Curt Ains so he wanted to name them after his name! He loved them so much to do this. lol.

What are the types of fabrics used for curtains and draperies?

how many types of fabrics are used for curtains? how many types of fabrics are used for curtains?

How long do curtains last?

Curtains can last a liftetime if they are properly maintained.

How many pages does Curtains for Three have?

Curtains for Three has 247 pages.

When was A House with No Curtains created?

A House with No Curtains was created in 1998-01.

What is the duration of Curtains film?

The duration of Curtains - film - is 1.48 hours.

Which UK department stores stock velvet curtains and drapes?

There are several UK department stores that stock curtains and drapes. Some of these stores include Montgomery Curtains, Paul Simon Curtains, and House of Fraser.

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