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I will not comment on China, but since the Chinese had chariots for many years after 2637 BCE, it would suggest that the Chinese cavalry of the time was, at best, chariotry and, at worst, did not exist at that time.

In the Mediterranean/Mesopotamian world, chariots dominated the battlefield until circa the 9th century BCE. There are Assyrian reliefs from this time depicting two riders, with one holding the other's reins while the other uses a bow. Chariots were in use simultaneously with this sort of cavalry.

Archaeological discoveries in India, Persia, Assyria and Egypt show that in the polished stone age quaternary man had domesticated the horse, while a Chinese treatise, the Goei-leaotse, the fifth book of the Veuking, a sort of military code dating from the reign of the emperor Hoang-Ti (2637 years B.C.), places the cavalry on the wings of the army. In early times they stayed behind the infantry until the the other army was routed, insted of having your infantry chase the enemy, you sent in your horse cav. I believe the Mongols were the first to develop the light cavalry that used bows which made them very deadly. Then the Parthian Empire brought about the heavy armored cavalry which began the days of sending your horse cav in first because ground troops had difficulty dealing with the heavy armored horse, and worse, the heavy armored elephant.

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Q: Who invented military cavalry?
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