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  • No one knows for sure when music began. Perhaps while people were working, they began to chant or sing to make the work go faster. People who were repeating movements-picking crops or rowing boats, for example-could sing or chant in time to the work. Many cultures developed work songs.
  • Music was never invented; birds sing, water drips, leaves rustle, wind sighs, fire crackles. It might be better to ask, "Who first realized that the world is so filled with music?"
  • Music was discovered not invented. Everyone hums, taps, beats, etc. Early Indians made music.
  • Music goes as far back as human existence.
  • Music is simply sounds put together. Sounds made with different pitches, tones, notes, and even noises. Music can include ANY sound. It could be frogs ribbiting in the rain. The earliest humans would make music by putting sounds together which they enjoyed. This could be beating on something or rubbing sticks together, or clapping, humming, whistling -- making sounds/noises! People over the years have gotten better at putting sounds together and thus music has evolved!
  • Prehistoric Musical Instruments were found in China and date back to 7000 BC
  • Pope Gregory The First wrote music around 600 AD.
  • Archaeologists have discovered many artifacts that were used for music. People used to pass their histories and myths through stories and songs before there was writing.
  • No one knows. Cavemen used to make music.
  • Music in terms of sound created by people for purposes of enjoyment has been around as long as people have. Music Theory (noted music, and rules for forming it) didn't start showing up until later.
  • Roman philosopher and statesman Boethius was the first person to associate music with the alphabet. He used the first fifteen letters of the Roman alphabet to indicate notes that were in use at the end of the Roman period. This system evolved over time, with Benedictine monk Gludo d' Arezzo adding the staff at the end of the 12th Century, placing the letters on certain lines to indicate their pitch.
  • In the 15th Century, time signatures were added, and the notes evolved into a rounded shape. The 5-line staff with auxiliary lines became standard in the 16th Century, and expression signs and Italian phrases indicating tempo and dynamics were added in the 17th Century.
  • Ludwig van Beethoven was one of the first composers to use metronome markings on his scores to indicate tempo, having been acquainted with Johann Nepomuk Maelzel, who perfected the metronome around 1815.
  • This is a difficult question to answer. Most people believe that music goes back as long as there have been humans walking the earth. In the early times, it's thought that music was really just in the form of a beat, which also included chanting or grunts and/or humming of sorts.
  • God created music for his angels to sing praises to him in Heaven. When he created humans, he also wanted them to worship him with singing, and gave them the ability to develop instruments.
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