Who invented the New York steak?

some dude who lived in Utah decided to go to New York, there he founded New York city and rasied a cow, and maybe some pigs, anyway one day he was hungry cause he was the only person in New York city and all there was was a cow and some pigs. well he was a vegitarian, and didnt want to kill his animals, but New York city was a dessert, so the only thing he could do was eat one of his animals. luckily he found a steak and decided to kill the cow, and cook it, and realized it was good. since he lived in New York he first called this tasty meat New York moo, but then it sounded dumb, then he tried to call it steak cow. No that wasnt good either, so he tryed calling it New York steak since he found a steak in New York. he always said if he had done this in Utah he would have called it "look ma, look what i done killed steak" get it