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The modern automobile drum brake was invented in 1902 by Louis Renault, though a less-sophisticated drum brake had been used by Maybach a year earlier. In the first drum brakes, the shoes were mechanically operated with levers and rods or cables. From the mid-1930s the shoes were operated with oil pressure in a small wheel cylinder and pistons , though some vehicles continued with purely-mechanical systems for decades. Some designs have two wheel cylinders.

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Q: Who invented the brake?
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The bicycle brake was invented by Browett and Harrison in 1887.

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The first brake in a car was not invented it was just adapted from the brake on a horse and cart

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The automatic Air Brake was invented by Granville Woods

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Granville T. Woods invented the first electromechanical brake system. The Westinghouse Air Brake was the first to manufacture and sell the system in cars.

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Andrew Burns

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Elisha G.Otis

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George Westinghouse

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George Westinghouse, Jr.

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in 1852 by Elisha Graves Otis.