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Steven J. Sasson (b. 1950) is an electrical engineer who is credited with inventing the digital imaging sensor, while working with supervisor Gareth A. Lloyd at the Eastman Kodak Company.

In 1978, Sasson and Lloyd were issued United States Patent 4,131,919 for their digital camera.

* The charge-coupled device used in digital cameras was invented in 1969 at AT&T Bell Labs by Willard Boyle and George E. Smith.

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Steven Sasson as an engineer at Eastman Kodak invented and built the first digital camera using a charge-coupled device image sensor in 1975.
Kodak engineer Steve Sasson

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Q: Who invented the digital camera?
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Who created the first digital camera?

Kodak invented the digital camera.

Who and when invented the Digital camera?

Steven Sasson invented the digital camera in Texas and it was invented in 1993.

Who invented the Digital Underwater Camera?

Louis Boutan invented the first underwater camera in 1893.

Who was the first to invent the digital camera?

i believe Steven Sanson invented the digital camera first.

When was the first waterproof digital camera invented?

Louis Baton invented the first waterproof camera in 1893. The first digital waterproof camera was invented in 2005. The camera has a protective case that allows it to get wet and endure cooler temperatures.

How was the camera used when first invented?

when the digital camera was first invented it was used to tske pictures.

Where was the first digital camera invented?


What company invented the digital camera?


What year was the digital camera invented?

The digital camera was invented in 1993 and was a veryexpensive item.The digital camera was invented in 1975 by Steven Sasson and another engineer from the Kodak Company

Camera laptop refrigerator light bulb what was invented first?

the digital camera

Where and by who was digital photography invented?

Steven Sasson invented the first digital camera in 1975. He worked for Eastman Kodak.

What year was the Digital SLR camera invented?


Was the first digital camera invented in 1969?

Yes it was!

Where was the digital camera specifically invented?

in Hollywood, California

Who invented the first digital color camera?


Was an electric light bulb invented before the digital camera?

Absolutely ! The digital camera is a relatively recent invention. Electric lighting was invented in the latter part of the 19th century.

Who invented the Coolpix digital camera?

Kodak, on September 2004.

When and where did Steven Sasson invent the digital camera?

Steven Sasson invented the 1st digital camera in 1975 for Eastman Kodak Company.

Who invinted the camera?

John Stoghofe invented the first digital camera and Louis Daugerre invented the world first camera in gerneral

What year did steven sanson invent the digital camera?

Steven Sanson invented the first camera in 1920

Did a man invent the digital clock?

Yes, the digital camera was invented by a man. The first digital clock wasinvented by Peter Petrov in 1968.

Who invented the Apple Quicktake camera?

The Apple Quicktake camera was invented by Steven J Sasson and others with the Eastman Kodak company and was introduced in 1994 in association with Apple Computer. The camera was the first consumer digital camera.

How does one replace a canon digital camera battery?

A Canon digital camera battery can be replaced by buying a Canon digital camera battery and putting the Canon digital camera battery in the Canon digital camera battery socket of the Canon digital camera.

What camera is more popular a digital camera or a old camera?

Digital Camera!

What did Jerome Lemelson invent?

He invented the camcorder, also called the "digital camera."