Who invented the electrodynamometer?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: Who invented the electrodynamometer?
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How is the power factor of an Electrodynamometer type wattmeter improved?

Power Factor of an electrodynamometer can be improved by connecting a large resistor in series with the current coil.

How does a electrodynamometer work as a voltmeter?

An electrodynamometer can work as a voltmeter by judging the wavelength and force of the electricity, much the same at the voltmeter, then converting it to a force that is more recognizable.

What will happen if the spring breaks in electrodynamometer?

there will be no control in the pointer hence it will show error in the readings

What are the applications of electrodynamometer its use in labs?

working principle of electrodynamometer is - when the same current passes through two concetric coils placed at right angles to each other,the resulting torque depends on the square of the current. Electrodynamometer is used to construct various instruments like voltmeters,ammeters & also for constructing AC/DC wattmeters for any waveform of current & is also used for frequency measurements & hormonic analysis.

What is the difference between electrodynamometer and galvanometer?

Electrodynamometer: An instrument that measures large amount of electric current by indicating the strength of repulsion or attraction between the magnetic fields of two sets of coils, one fixed and one movable. whereas, Galvanometer: An instrument for detecting and measuring small electric currents.

What are the types of electrodynamometer?

power meter,power factor meter, frequency meter, volt meter ,watt meter ,voltage ampere meter,

What are the different types of frequency meter?

The different types of frequency meters are :- 1. Mechanical resonance type 2. Electrical resonance type 3. Electrodynamometer type 4. Weston type 5. Ratiometer type 6. Saturable core type

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