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Who invented the first firearm?

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We do not know the name of the creator of the first firearm. It was roughly 1,000 years ago, and probably in China. but there are no real records from that far back. Sorry-

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When was the first american gun invented?

The first American gun that was invented, was the Colt firearm in 1836. It was invented by Samuel Colt (1814-1862) of Utah. This was a revolver, the first rifle was in 1879 by John Moses Browning.

What has been invented in Utah?

Here are a couple: The Television, invented by Philo T. Farnsworth The artificial heart John moses browning invented one of the first firearm in utah The frisbee

Who invented the firearm?

Nobody knows for sure but the Turks invented the musket in the 1350's

Who invented firearms?

I believe the Chinese made some sort of early firearm. They had all the resources ()including the first sort of gunpowder)

When was the M200 firearm invented?

M200 firearm is the name of riffles which were first made by CheyTac LLC, America in 2001. Since then, there have been many other variants of M200 produced such as M200 RK and M310 SS.

Where was the first machinegun invented?

The first true machinegun (that being a repeating firearm capable of continuous fire without external input from the user) was invented by Hiram Maxim and was known as the 'Maxim Gun'. It was created within the British Empire.

The first firearm made?

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Approximately when was the hand cannon first invented and by whom?

The first hand cannon was invented during the 1200s by the Chinese. This earliest firearm was discovered in Manchuria. The hand cannon began to be used more commonly by Europeans and Arabs in the 14th century.

Who made the first firearm?


Who manufactured the first firearm?

The Chinese

Who invented the Arquebus?

The arquebus was invented by the Spaniards during the 15th century. The arquebus is also called the harquebus and was a type of firearm.

What is the first step for both loading and unloading a firearm?

The first step for loading and unloading a firearm is to point the gun in a safe direction.

Firearm serial number search?

maker of the firearm and model first, then serial number

Who created the first firearm?

The Chinese created the first firearms.

Who invented the gun in 1835?

Samuel Colt did not invent the gun in 1835 but he did start the first firearm manufacturing company. He also designed and patented many revolvers and rifles.

Who invented the hand cannon?

It is not known who exactly invented the hand cannon but it is thought to have originated in China. The hand cannon is the earliest firearm.

Where was the first firearm made?


What is the first step in cleaning a firearm?

Step 1- ALWAYS- Determine that the weapon is unloaded. HOW this is done varies with the type of firearm, but it should ALWAYS be the first step.

Who invented semiautomatic firing modes for firearms?

John Moses Browning was really the father of the semi auto action. and the first U.S. military standardized semi-auto firearm was invented by John Garand and was designated the M-1 Garand, the Eugene Stoner invented what is now the M-16

How can the age of a firearm be determined?

The first step is to identify what the firearm is, as in who made it and what the model is. Many books have been written on the subject.

What is the first thing a hunter should do every time you loads a firearm?

Have pointed in a safe direction, and place the firearm on SAFE.

Who invented the first firearm in America?

Crude firearms, in the form of matchlock muskets, came TO the US with the first settlers- both Spanish and English. Unfortunately, the names of individual gun smiths here in the colonies has been lost to time.

Who invented the mp-40?

The Erma Werke firearm company, funded by the German Army (Wehrmacht).

Murder with the intent to discharge a firearm?

The discharge of a firearm with the intent to kill someone is first degree homicide (or occasionally self defense).

What was the first weapon created?

that depends what you consider a weapon. In the right hands, an ink pen can be a weapon. If you are referring to firearms, According to what I read, the first firearms dated back to late Tang dynasty when gunpowder was invented. The Tang dynasty invented a form of "explosive firing catapults" in which they packed explosives in the form of bags and then fire them from catapults. It probably is the first firearm.