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Who invented the first railroads?

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No one person invented the railroad as it evolved over hundreds of years. The first railroads did not have locomotives. Richard Trevithick is credited with creating the first successful steam locomotive. George Stephenson is credited with expanding the use of railroads from being a part of a mining operation to the first passenger railroads.

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Who invented the first ship, railroads, airplane, etc.

To facilitate transportation.

Wikipedia has a very nice article. Google "railroads"

Railroads. -------------- Weapons, not railroads.

The first railroads carried raw materials and finished goods.

Trains were first used in 1829 with the Stourbridge Lion train as the first steam train. Railroads were invented as early as 1550 for mining use, and they were called Wagonways.

The first railroads were in mines as plateways and then railways in the 1700's. The first railways used stationary engines, people, and horses for power. The steam-engine was adapted for use on iron rails early in the 19th century, and the first steam-powered passenger railway was opened in 1825.

the railroads were invented in New York in 1948 and were used ever since

Yall peoples are not giving us the freaking answers

That's unknown ... tracks to guide cars were around long before railroads were invented.

Working on railroads and inventing things that weren't invented

Working on railroads and inventing things that weren't invented

The Central Pacific and the Union Pacific Railroads.

Railroads; the transcontinental railroad was essential to the development.

Marquis Claude de Jouffroy made the first working steamship and variations of railroads have been around since 6th century BC. As for who made the railroad, I don't think it is know. I think it was a collective, spontaneous thought that brought it to life.

which of the following groups first came to canada to help build the railroads?

Prior to railroads there were roads for carriages and horses, and harbors for boats, and canals for barges...

Richard Trevithick (1771-1833), in 1804, in England. It worked, but it was too heavy to be practical at that time, real railroads began about 1820.

In Rome or Bari probably.

In 3500 BC wheels on carts were invented, and the first wheeled vehicle ever was produced. As well river boats with oars were invented in 3500 BC. In 2000 BC Horses were being domesticated and used as a means of transportation. In 1620 the first submarine was invented, although I would not call that a means of transportation at that time. 1662 brought the first public transportation, this horse drawn vehicle even charged fares to ride! The hot air balloon was invented in 1783. 1787 brought us the first steam boat, they had been discovered previously but not quite. Bicycles were invented in 1790, still a popular means of transportation to this very day! Shortly after in the early 1800's is when the railroads came about.

Railroads were the first business to raise funds by issuing stocks and bonds

Sidney Withington has written: 'The first twenty years of railroads in Connecticut' -- subject(s): History, Railroads

The first train was invented in 1814,and the first car was invented in 1672. So, the car was first invented.

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