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Edward Jenner invented the first vaccine for smallpox in 1796
Edward Jenner invented the vaccine
Early forms of vaccination were developed in ancient China as early as 200 B.C. Scholar Ole Lund comments: "The earliest documented examples of vaccination are from India and China in the 17th century, where vaccination with powdered scabs from people infected with smallpox was used to protect against the disease.

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In 1774,some twenty years before Jenner first used vaccination on a boy called James Phipps in 1796, at Berkeley in Gloucestershire, a farmer's wife, together with her two sons was vaccinated by her husband at Yetminster in Dorset.

The husband's name was Benjamin Jesty, his wife was Elizabeth and the sons were Robert and Benjamin, aged 3 and 2.

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In the early empirical days of vaccination, prior to Pasteur's work on establishing a germ theory and Lister's on antisepsis and asepsis there was considerable cross-infection. One of the early vaccinators is thought to have contaminated the cowpox matter---the vaccine---with smallpox matter (he worked in a smallpox hospital) and this produced essentially variolation.

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Variolation means the deliberate inoculation of an uninfected person with the smallpox virus (as by contact with pustular matter) that was widely practiced before the era of vaccination as prophylaxis against the severe form of smallpox.

Edward Jenner preformed the first vaccination.
Edward Jenner
Edward Jenner invented the first vaccine for smallpox in 1796
Edward Jenner invented the vaccine
Edward Jenner.

He introduced the smalpox vaccine, which was the

first vaccine in 1798.

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Q: Who invented the first vaccine?
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The first vaccine invented was for smallpox created by Edward Jenner in 1796

Who developed the first vaccine?

Edward JennerEdward Jenner invented the first vaccine for smallpox in 1796Edward Jenner invented the vaccinedarwin

When did Louis Pasteur invent the first vaccine?

The first vaccine that was invented by Louis Pasteur was the 'Rabies Vaccine' - it was founded in 1885.

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I think it was Edward Jenner. He invented the first vaccine.

When was the first vaccine invented?

The first ever vaccine was made in 1796 by a dude named Dr. Edward Jenner

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In what year did Edward Jenner invent the vaccine?

Edward Jenner invented the first vaccine in 1796.

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Louis Pasteur invented vaccines and the polio vaccine was his first such discovery.

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If you think to tuberculosis the vaccine was the first time produced by Calmette and Guerin.

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In 1978, the first vaccine to prevent meningococcal (bacterial) meningitis was introduced.

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Edward Jenner invented the vaccine darwin

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Chickenpox vaccine was invented in Japan.

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Chickenpox vaccine was invented in 1974.

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Polio VaccineThe Polio Vaccine was invented in April, 1955 by Jonas salk

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Albert Calmette and Camille Guerin were the first to successfully make a tuberculosis vaccine in 1906.

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The first polio vaccine was created in 1952 by Jonas Salk at the University of Pittsburgh. It required years of practice and tweaking to get the vaccine to the point of effectiveness it has today.

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Chickenpox was invented in Japan in 1974.

When was vaccine invented?

vaccine was invented by Edward Jenner on May 14, 1796

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There is no vaccine for Syphilis

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The great scientist Louis Pasteur discovered the first vaccine for rabies. He made the first vaccine by infecting the rabbits with rabies virus. He dried the brains of rabbits by drying the affected brains. 18 people died of rabies vaccine in initial days of vaccine production.

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Jonas Salk first licenced a polio vaccine in 1962, Sabin refined it later.

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hepatitis B vaccine was invented in the late 1950`s