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Who invented the number one?

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The number one was invented by the number zero. He was there first. :)

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Who invented number one?

a guy invented the number one!

Who invented number 1?

someone in Greece invented number one and the Romans stole it from them It was actually the Mayans, thousands of years ago, who invented the number system, which included the number 1. Though, it was not called 'one', nor was it written as '1', the Mayan word for 'one' and symbol for '1' meant the same thing as the modern day '1'. Although we know the Mayans made the number one, there are other possible civilizations, like the Greeks, that could have also invented the number one. There is no solid proof, but the general public accepts the Mayans as the inventor of the number one.

Why was the number zero invented and by whom was it invented?

the number zero is first used by Indians only not by any one else<br /><br /><br /><br /> The number zero was actually invented by the <i><b>Ancient Egyptians

What was the first invented number?

The number zero was the first "invented" number.

Who invented number 10?

There is no one person who invented the number 10. Each society, when it started, had its own number system, so it is hard to tell who came up with the number and concept of 10 first.

Who invented sulphur?

Sulpher was invented by the ancients, but no one knows who invented it. Ameriziliano: No one invented sulfur, its a natural element and is on the periodic table in column 16, row 3, has an atomic number of 16 and atomic mass of 32.065 and is a gas.

When was the number 27 invented?

No number was invented. They were discovered in ancient times.

Who invented number zero and one?

the mayans came up with the concept of zero

Who invented the number 8?

Of course, it was the Aztecs because they invented the number system

Who invented number 1-9?

a mathematician who invented number 1

Why was the number pi invented?

It was not invented it was discovered.

Who and when was the answer to number 4 invented?

After the answer to 3 was invented.

What was King Henry VIII phone number?

He did not have one. Phones had not been invented when he was alive.

Who created the modern number system?

The one we use today is mainly the Hindu-arabic one (they invented 0)

Where when and who invented the number 4?

It was not invented. It comes after the number 3 in order of the numerical counting.

When was Chinese number system invented?

The Chinese number system was invented in the 4th centaury.

Who invented the number eight?

It is not known who invented the number eight. The number eight is just part of the numbering system.

Who invented the number bases?

The number bases were first invented by the Egyptians around 3100 BC.

What was Abe Lincoln's phone number?

He didn't have one. He was shot and killed before it was even invented.

Did India invent the number 0?

India did not invent the number 0. The number 0 is invented by the people who invented the rest of numbers

Who first invented the steam train in 1914?

No one, the steam train was invented beginning in 1780's and finally succeeding in about 1830. (By a large number of people.)

When was the octal number invented?

octal was invented in china in 1256

Who invented number 4?

Nobody invented the number 4. 4 was a number that was just used in counting to represent how many of something is present.

Who invented tungsten?

Robert Mushet invented tungsten steel in 1868. No one invented Tungsten it is a naturally occurring element with the atomic number of 74. It was discovered in 1783 by the Portuguese brothers Jose and Fausto Elhuyar

What year was the number plane invented?

The number plane was invented by Emma Smith in 1397. This person invented it because she wanted to make use of direct numbers.

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