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In 1877, Thomas Edison (1847-1931) invented the phonograph, which originally used cylinders of metal or wax. The first true "record player" using disks was the "gramophone" patented by German-American inventor Emile Berliner in 1888.

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Q: Who invented the record player?
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What inventor was credited with inventing the record player?

Thomas Alva Edison invented the record player.

Where was the first record player invented?


When and who invented the record player?

RCA, Ohio

What year was the portable record player invented?


Did George Washington have a record player?

No. The record player was not invented until 1877. George Washington lived from 1731 to 1799.

When was the record player invented?

in fall of 1877 by Thomas A. Eddison

What is the role of Thomas Edison in the rise of popular music?

He invented the phonograph record and record player.

Who made the record player?

Thomas A. Edison invented the record player in 1877 in Menlo Park Laboatories in West Orange, New Jersey.

Who invented the last record player?

The last record player has not been built yet; they are still being made. When the last one is made, it will not have been invented, since the invention occurred when the first one was made.

What year was the turntable invented?

turntables were invented around the 1930's but the record player came out more in the 1970's

When was the first record player made?

The first record player was invented in 1877 by Thomas Edison. At that time the records were cylindrical shaped, but soon were replaced by flat disks.

When was the first record player created?

The phonograph, an early record player, was invented in 1877 by Thomas Edison.It used a handle which would turn the cylinder. The cylinder had grooves on, and when a needle (stylus) went over the grooves, it vibrated, producing a sound.However, the electric record player, although invented in 1925, it became popular in the 1950s, when more people had electricity.

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