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Who invented trenches?

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Bob Marble.

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Why was trenches invented?

get out galwry

What have maori's invented?

Trenches used in WW1

Why did the trenches appear in World War 1?

(\__/) (='.'=) (")_(")bunny invented trench warfare you know

When were army tanks invented?

The British invented tanks in WWI; to breach the trenches. ========== Early drawings for a tank appear in the notebooks of Leonardo DaVinci.

When were navvies invented?

The term, 'navvie', is short for 'navigator' -the name that, at one time, was given to labourers who dug trenches.

Why do passive margins have no trenches trenches?

Trenches are caused by plate movement.

What was the trenches across belgium and France known as?

They were the western front. But the different trenches were front line trenches, communication trenches.

Who invented the idea of trench warfare?

Trenches were used by maori warriors against the british army in the new zealand wars

When were trenches invented for the use in wars?

during world war one in the august of 1914 at the battle of belgium and Northeastern France

Why was the World War 1 tank invented?

To overrun enemy trenches without the enormous losses which had categorised the fighting in WW1.

What are continental trenches?

coninental trenches are trenches that go across countries...i think

Who built the trenches?

who made the trenches

Why did they make trenches in world war 1?

The concrete machine gun had just been invented and it was impossible to cross plains without being mowed down. So instead, both sides dug trenches and held their ground.

What conditions were there in the trenches?

The trenches were rat,lice and corps infested.There are many poems about the trenches.

In what countries were the trenches?

there were a lot of trenches in england.

What was the reserve trenches like?

Reserve trenches

What does the trenches mean in World War 1?

they fought in the trenches ww1 was known as a war in the trenches

How close were some of the trenches to the German trenches?

It has been found that some of the trenches actually joined up. so infact the trenches where shared. 01010101994q9 rs

Why were military tanks invented?

Because In WW1 soldiers were running across trenches and getting constantly getting killed in mass numbers by Machine guns so engineers devices a way to keep soldiers alive, and stop the enemy and destroy their trenches.

Why are trenches so dangerous?

why are trenches so dangerous

What kind of boundaries do plates form?

trenches trenches

How high were the trenches?

the trenches were 7-8ft high!

What ocean has many deep valleys or trenches?


Why is trenches not on the app store?

Trenches 2 was released

What is a trenches?

Trenches were large ditches (hence "trench") dug into the ground. Soldiers would group together in trenches during battle and operate out of them as they attempted to take the enemy trenches.