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Q: Who invented yahoo messenger?
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Who was the developer of yahoo messenger?

who was the developer of yahoo messenger

Do you need to have an Yahoo account to get Yahoo messenger?

Yes, you need a Yahoo account to use Yahoo Messenger.

Where can one download Yahoo Messenger 9?

You can download Yahoo! Messenger 9 from the oldapps website. The current version of Yahoo Messenger 11 can be downloaded from the messenger section of the official Yahoo! website.

Where can one download Yahoo Messenger?

There are many companies that can offer a download for Yahoo! Messenger. The best website to get the Yahoo! Messenger from is the official Yahoo! websites however.

How you do install Yahoo messenger?

plz send for me a prorogram to install yahoo messenger plz send for me a prorogram to install yahoo messenger

Where can one use Yahoo Web Messenger?

One can use Yahoo Web Messenger directly from the Web Messenger portion of the Yahoo homepage. It can also be used through the Yahoo Web Messenger app.

What is the latest version of Yahoo Messenger?

Yahoo Messenger 3.6 is the latest version of Yahoo Messenger and came out at the beginning of 2012. It is one of the most popular messenger programs available.

Do you need Yahoo email to get Yahoo messenger?

Yes, you do need a Yahoo e-mail account to obtain a Yahoo ID to sign into messenger.

What is a yahoo messenger ID?


Where would it be possible to find information about Yahoo Messenger Express?

Yahoo has documentation about its instant messenger suite on its website. Yahoo Messenger Express is the web-based means to connect to Yahoo Instant Messenger. Users can log into their Yahoo webmail and chat without using a separate program to connect.

Want to know to cancel sms in my yahoo messenger.?

how to cancel sms in my yahoo messenger

What is the Yahoo Messenger ID of John Cena?

what is the yahoo messenger id of john cena

Why can't receive message from yahoo messenger?

why can't recieve message from yahoo messenger?

Download Yahoo messenger 8.5?

Google keywords "Download Yahoo Messenger 8.5"

Where can you download Yahoo messenger?

Just go to google and type in download yahoo messenger.

Do you have to pay for installing Yahoo messenger?

NO ... you NEVER have to pay to download and install yahoo messenger ...

Unblock your account in yahoo messenger chat room?

i cannot unblock yahoo messenger

Where can one download Yahoo messenger online?

Yahoo messenger offers users the ability to chat and share files with friends. Yahoo messenger can be downloaded directly from the Yahoo website. There are many versions for international users.

How do you download Yahoo messenger into ibook g4?

To download Yahoo! Messenger you need to go to the Yahoo! Messenger download page (See links below) and click on the download button.

How do you login Yahoo messenger and GTalk without download?

for yahoo visit else yahoo itself has its online messenger use that search yahoo webmessenger

How do you get a account to Yahoo messenger?

You have to first have a yahoo mail account and then you download yahoo messenger you can get it at: Then, you sign in your yahoo mail username for your messenger username and the same way for you password.

You want free download yahoo messenger 8.9 compatible to yahoo messenger 8.9 xp?

yes i want yahoo 8.9

Can you have a Yahoo instant messenger without having a Yahoo email address?

Yes. Download Yahoo Messenger and click "don't have an account".

What is the Yahoo messenger of Daniel Radcliffe?

Daniel does not have a yahoo messenger. Daniel NEVER Emails his fans.

How can you sign up to Yahoo messenger?

u have to sign up to yahoo then you can go on tahoo messenger.