Who is -LEGHORN COGHILE- that Ras cardo spoke about in the history of reggae?

Ras cardo was the first to reveal this history about the man- Leghorn Coghile- to the world, and he has written about Leghorn in many of his books and articles. Leghorn and Ras Cardo used to live on the same street in trench Town, and were there to welcome Bob Marley when he arrived in the area. From his detailed history of reggae, Ras Cardo has repeatedly mentioned the name and works of Leghorn who helped Bob Marley to begin his retail record business. Leghorn was also the one who wrote the song- THEM BELLY FULL- which Bob Marley and the wailers sang. Leghorn was the one who Ras cardo told the world was the first- Foot soldier- to Bob Marley, graphic artist, and PR point man. In his many books Ras Cardo has mentioned the name and works of Leghorn- The true Trench Town story- Reggae Jamaica- the wailing of the people, A reggae education- Scott's official history of Reggae and the wailers,- Love in black and white,- on Newsvine, wordpress, and so many others. Ras cardo is the only one today who has the detailed history of Trench Town reggae, Bob Marley and the wailers, Joe Higgs, Junior Braithwaite, Peter Tosh, reggae legends and the trench town people and experiences from those early days. NO ONE ELSE HAS.
RAS CARDO WILL SAY THIS: Before there was a -Neville Garrick- or any other following Bob Marley around- there were Leghorn Coghile, Ras cardo and his siblings, Junior Braithwaite, and many more that Ras cardo will not reveal at this time. Ras cardo will share this history with those who are willing to know the truth, and he stands firmly by his detailed documentations and life experiences of being there with all of them. He comes from Trench Town, and his Reggae creator.