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Who is Alan Premel?

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Alan Premel (born 1975) is a former Central Intelligence

Agency officer and member of the National Clandestine Service. He

was linked to the CIA's controversial extraordinary rendition

program through a CIA front company in Houston Texas, Patriot


Claims of US Government Involvement in September 11


Months after coming forward to expose the FBI and CIA's

involvement on 9/11/2001 internally through emergency exercises

known as the continuity of government program or COG. In 2008, his

partner, Roland Carnaby came forward producing the picture of

Mohammed Atta taken at the Orlando IHOP two full years before the

FBI indicates Atta was inside the United States. The significance

of the picture is a starting point for all 9/11 investigations

since it was the address of Atta's cover business Karam motors

which shipped cars to Lebanon along with Carnaby's shipping company

Karnabe Shipping.

Weeks after coming forward to expose the inside government COG

programs, Roland Carnaby his partner was shot dead reaching for his

cellphone after leading police on a high speed chase. It was later

revealed that they had both been active in questioning why their

inquiries and information never made it into official transcripts

of the 9/11 commission. The exercises they claimed were involved on

the morning of 9/11 were Vigilant Guardian VG01, Amalgam Virgo

AV01, and Mall Strike MS01. The COG exercises as they knew them

were a three day exercise including the cities London, New York and

Washington D.C. The exercised strike was supposed to have taken

place on the COG HQ building known as WTC7. A hijacked flight was

to take place from Salt Lake City Utah and early warnings would

have evacuated Trade Center buildings I and II. Since the SLC

flight did not take off and was not hijacked in the exercise COG

personnel believed the exercise was not operational so WTC1 and

WTC2 were not evacuated in advance.

Mallstrike MS01 was an exercised attack on greengate mall in

Pennsylvania. When coming forward Carnaby was willing to testify

that the trade centers all had asbestos and had to come down. So

they were coincidently insured for an act of terrorism. It was

later learned that WTC7 housed all of the federal agencies who

headed the COG program (FEMA, MTA, USSS, CIA and FBI) and the

building free fell after not being hit by its intended target.

Both were retaliated against: Premel was physically beaten into

silence and arrested, and Carnaby was shot dead. In silence, Premel

resurfaced in 2009 according to the SEC records as the President of

Pangea Petroleum and was heavily involved in Washington with the

rewriting of rendition and extraordinary rendition laws, secret

law, classifying torture pictures and for more protections in the

enhanced whistleblower protection act S.372. Their testimonies on

the early morning events and COG activities remains to date the

most comprehensive missing puzzle pieces into the 9/11 terrorist

attacks. (This information was obtained by the website

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