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Q: Who is Better Than Big Show Or Triple H?
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Who is better looking Triple H or big show?

big show, triple h is just not attractive. Big SHow maybe be fat and big, but he's a handsome large man. HHH is just an old fart.

Is john cena better than big show?

actually big show is large and strong but john cena is better than the big show he had win a lot of tittle than the big show Jialiang123456789: Big Show is better because John Cena got beat up by a wrestler weaker than Big Show.

Which is stronger Triple H or the undertaker?

the undertaker is stronger than triple h becuz he can lift up the big show and the great khali

Who is better Triple H or brock lesnar?

Both are good wrestlers and strong but in reality it's Triple H, he is a better wrestler and stronger than Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar is good too but Triple H is a better wrestler and stronger because Triple H has won more championship than Brock Lesnar, Triple H has won more matches than Brock Lesnar and Triple H have better results than Brock Lesnar in strength and in wrestling. Triple H vs Brock Lesnar = Triple H wins

Is big show better than mark henry?


Who is better 'big show or undertaker'?

Bigshow is better than Kane

How did Big Show knock Triple H out?

why stephanie mcmahon fried and doubleslap the big show

Who is stronger Triple H or undertaker in wwe?

same because undertaker lifts big show and khali but triple h lifts 450lbs bench press which is big show weight triple h has lifted big show up for the spine buster or pedigree and undertaker tombstone on mark Henry

Can Triple H pick up the big show?


Does Triple H really hate big show?

No we hate triple h stephanie from turning heel

Who has the better chop big show or big daddy v?

Big Show. Did you see when he did that to mohammed hussain? Big daddy v does not even have the skills to go against Big Show. Therefore, Big show has a better chop.

Is undertaker stronger then Triple H?

no actually some say undertaker because he can pick up big show have u seen raw Friday night where triple h beat big show doing a spine buster