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DJ Erycom

He's one of Uganda's most popular DJs / music promoters, and he goes by the name of DJ Erycom, a veteran of electronic dance, with a degree in Information Technology and multimedia with sound engineering. Erycom has spent years fine-tuning his music winning formula, in the only way he knows how, by jet-setting around the globe and feeling the vibe at some of the most prestigious venues in the world, dispensing musical epiphanies wherever he plays. A native of Kampala, Uganda, he always knows how to harness the sun, beach and the clubs in order to get the most out of his audiences, and Erycom's evolving appreciation of the "feel good factor", has brought him commercial success globally.

DJ Erycom started his deejay career in 2007, in the dance clubs of Kampala, playing gigs at different places. DJ Erycom became resident DJ at club Diplomat in 2008 and until he joined Club Volts in 2009 as a house DJ spinning every Friday and Wednesday. In the year 2009 after working with NBS Tv, DJ Erycom joined 87.7 fm Ugandan Radio Dotcom uptodate where he serves as the music director. Erycom also works with WBS Tv as a music analyst and VJ. He won the East Africa DJ Award in September 2008 beating over 9 contestants and in 2009, DJ Erycom contested in the Africa DJ awards and he was beaten by Nigeria's DJ Kennel.

While in Egypt in March 2010, Erycom contested with 3 other DJs from Uganda and he won the Nile Spin master award which he later lost to Egypt's DJ Alish in march 2011. Luck was on his side and he later made it in South Africa mid 2011 as East Africa's DJ of the year in the Africa DJ awards representing Uganda alone. In his music career, DJ Erycom has since worked with top East African artistes including: Jose Chameleone, Abdu Mulaasi, Babirye, Goodlyfe Boys, Juluie Mutesasira, David Lutalo, Moureen Nantume, Bobi Wine, Bushoke, Juliana, Betty Mpologoma, Eighton and Rain among others. Erycom has therefore turned out to be one of Uganda's remix masters who spices up artistes songs and turns them out to be more exciting and sweet.

A graduate from Kampala International University, DJ Erycom has since excelled not only as a DJ, producer and father to one son called Primo Lee but also as a small business man doing different businesses in Uganda.
DJ Erycom is a father to a son called Primore Lee Mutebi who stays with his mum in USA Washington DC

DJ Erycom attended DK Educational Hill school in Namasuba, I was with him in Primary 5

DJ Erycom is a womaniser, alina farm yabakazzi e Uganda. But he is a good man besides that. Joking anyway..............
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