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Who is Dr. Fiona Stanley?

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Fiona Stanley (Shellam), born August 1, 1946 is an Australian epidemiologist who works in public health and in pediatric and newborn medicine. She was named Australian of the Year in 2003.

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What year was Dr. Fiona Stanley born?

Dr Fiona Stanley was born 1st of August, 1946 in Sydney Australia, New South Wales.

What is the birth name of Fiona Stanley?

Fiona Stanley's birth name is Fiona Juliet Stanley.

When was Fiona Stanley born?

Fiona Stanley was born on August 1, 1946.

What is Fiona Stanley know for?

Fiona Stanley is a doctor who won Australian of The Year 2003. She has gotten a hospital named after her (Fiona Stanley Hospital) Which is in Murdoch, Perth WA Australia

How old is Fiona Stanley?

Fiona Stanley is 65 years old (birthdate: August 1, 1946).

What has the author Fiona J Stanley written?

Fiona J. Stanley has written: 'Epidemiology Cerebral Palsies'

What did Dr. Fiona wood discover?

what did dr Fiona wood discover what did dr Fiona wood discover

Does professor Fiona Stanley have children?

Fiona had two girls

What is Fiona Stanley's birthday?

Fiona Stanley was born on August 1, 1946.

When was Dr Fiona Wood's date of birth?

Dr Fiona Wood was born in 1958

What does Dr Fiona Wood look like?

Dr Fiona Wood looks like a old lady!!

What awards did dr Fiona wood win?

Dr Fiona Wood received Australian of the year award

Who was awarded Australian of the year in 1998?

Fiona Stanley

Does Fiona Stanley have siblings?

yes a brother and a sister

When did Fiona wood die?

Dr Fiona wood has not died yet

Where does dr Fiona lives?


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What was the day Dr Fiona Wood was born?

Fiona Wood was born February 2, 1958.

What is current health of Dr Charles Stanley?

Currently Dr. Charles Stanley is in excellent health.

What did Fiona Stanley discover?

telethon institute of child health research in perth

When was Dr Fiona Wood born?

The Australian plastic surgeon, Dr. Fiona Melanie Wood, was born February 2, 1958, in Hernsworth, Yorkshire, England

When was In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley created?

In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley was created in 1990.

What did Dr Fiona Woods Discover?

spray on skin

Who was Austrailan of the year in 2005?

Dr. Fiona Woods.

When did dr Fiona wood move to Australia?


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