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ElcoSoft was established in the year 2002 in Gurgaon (Haryana,

India) with an objective to provide ‘Smart and intelligent

interfaces between you and the systems’ that not only allows you to

save costs but also lets you manage your systems more efficiently

and effectively. At ElcoSoft, we are committed to delight our

customers by equipping them with ingenious end to end Software

solutions using state of the art systems and latest computing

technologies with great economic advantage and quality levels far

exceeding their expectations. We have believed in providing our

customer's with Best Price, Best Quality, Best Reliability and Best

Support. Our strength is our customer base, their support, business

relationship and advices which have helped us to get better by the

day We have a proven track record of delivering industry specific

ingenious solutions to specific business and technological

challenges across diverse industry verticals. Our competencies and

excellence in custom software solutions are capable of powering

businesses in, but not limited to, Shipping, Mining, Aviation,

Medical, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Telecommunication,

Infrastructure, Land Use planning, and others. Our clients have

benefited from our Core Competencies in: * Systems Programming *

Embedded Programming * GIS and Remote sensing * Geospatial data

Intelligence * Enterprise level applications like CRM, Knowledge

Mgmt. System, etc. * Web based Content Management System (WCMS) *

Mobile based applications * Control System and Automation * Systems

Engineering * Business Process & Document Management

applications '''Vision Statement:''' "To be the fastest growing,

most efficient and reliable global software engineering services

company in the world. Elcosoft will be recognized and respected as

professional, innovative, information and knowledge based services

enterprise." '''Mission statement:''' "Consistently deliver

ingenious, comprehensive, efficient, cost-effective business

solutions through IT for global markets by creating a

professionally stimulating and happy environment for our team and

deliver pure excellence to our customers." Elcosoft has its office

built in 4000 Sq.Meter area established in Infocity - Gurgaon -

India. Being at the technical (IT) IT Zone of northern India we are

able to attract and draw from the pool of experienced and energetic

technical experts of the region. To support the software

development and design we are equipped with a rich software library

of our own. We are different from a normal software development

group and stand out as we have both the Software and the hardware

integrated right at one place. Broadly we have State of the art

infrastructure. ''' Elcosoft Infrastructure ''' Computers with

latest hardware configuration, with continuous & timely

updation. '''High Bandwidth capable of Audio/Video Conferencing '''

* The systems are connected with strong backbone like-Gigabit

stackable switches, hardware, firewalls, VPN routers etc. * VOIP

enabled networking in entire office. * All computers equipped with

corporate edition 'Antiviruses'. * Well equipped hardware R&D

laboratory to support systems software development process. *

Gigabit data transfer support. * Data backup facility using NAS

Server. * Uninterrupted power supply using own power generation

plant in emergency. We have own servers like - Exchange, Domain

controller, ISA and more. '''Modern Workspace for individual

Programmer''' * Separate libraries for (a) Software

developers/designers and (b) Hardware & marketing/services. *

Own GIS and RFID hardwares to test in-house developed. * Capable of

holding 200 software developers at a time in Gurgaon facility.

'''Client Confidentiality/security requirement development area

allocation:''' * Team of Field Engineers for GIS solutions. *

Recreational facilities like -Gymnasium, Canteen, Roof-top success

celebration area. * Located in lush green eco-friendly environment.

* Sufficient expansion space for future growth. ''' * Cost

Effective''' The paramount benefits that customers derive when

working with Elcosoft are fairly affordable prices for the services

and outstanding quality of the products. Despite a high competitive

spirit in the IT market, Elcosoft is always open to price reviews

without compromising the quality at the end. '''* High Quality

Brain Power''' Elcosoft has top-quality engineers, resulting in a

dynamic, responsive workforce. The company has a strong customer

focus. Employees are incentive to maximize customer satisfaction.

'''* High-End Technology''' Elcosoft has top-quality engineers,

resulting in a dynamic, responsive workforce. The company has a

strong customer focus. Employees are incentive to maximize customer

satisfaction. '''* Operational Flexibility''' Along with the

stability that comes with a large company, we bring to the table

the flexibility and cost competitiveness of a medium sized

enterprise. We have served clients ranging from small businesses

employing a few dozen people to large corporations with tens of

thousands of employees – domestic and international. We have the

flexibility to remain committed to every kind of project, large or

small, without ever having to compromise on the competitive billing

rates that we offer. * Long term relations With clients Elcosoft

track record of delivering mission-critical solutions, extensive

product development experience, and demonstrated industry and

technology expertise has helped in forging strong relationships

with our major customers and gaining increased business from them.

We have a history of high customer retention and derive a

significant proportion of our revenue from repeat business.

Confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreements ElcoSoft believes in

ethical conduct of business and considers protecting the vital

classified information received from client and built in to the

project sacrosanct ''' Service Level Agreements''' Service level

agreements are put in place to define the minimum level of service

that must be provided. They are, therefore, the basis for measuring

our performance. SLA's will typically be included in the contract

schedules and cover a number of areas of service including. *

System availability and response times * Quality standards

Measuring and monitoring service levels can be achieved through

user satisfaction surveys and analysis of performance data such as

system response and job turn around times. It is not always easy to

identify performance measures that accurately reflect the standard

of service required by the client's users. SLA's can be ineffective

documents unless the client has practical and realistic remedies in

the event of non-performance. Such remedies might include the

withholding or deduction of agreed rebates from fees otherwise

payable to us, if the agreed level of performance is not

maintained. The client needs to be aware that SLA's are not

inflexible and there should be a review period in the SLA to cover

changing client requirements and new technology. '''Property Rights

for Produced Materials''' All materials, created by ElcoSoft in the

course of project execution, e.g. software, source code, data

structures, documentation, design options, etc., fully belong to

the client unless agreed to separately. After project completion

all materials are transferred to the client, and after he/she

confirms the successful receipt, all electronic copies of this data

will be purged unless instructed otherwise by the client. ElcoSoft

is flexible and ready to consider additional conditions pertinent

to rights of ownership for produced materials. '''Warranty and

Product Maintenance''' ElcoSoft takes care in delivering a high

quality product that fully adheres to the specifications defined

and approved by the client. Though the deliverables are tested at

multiple levels by ElcoSoft and also accepted and approved by the

client, there can be times when bugs occur after the final delivery

is made. ElcoSoft offers to its clients 60 days (after the final

delivery) testing and trial period under which all bugs found by

the Customer are fixed free of charge. Even after expiration of

this period, we might provide the clients short cost-free

consultations on the project concerning source code, implementation

etc. '''Product support''' ElcoSoft can offer paid support services

for created products, like modification of the product and creation

of successive versions, product setup, customization, and

administration at the Customer's servers, end user support.

'''Support team''' ElcoSoft can provide a dedicated support team to

support the product/software developed by us. The same developers

who participated in the project development group carry out bug

fixing and product support; therefore, such tasks are fulfilled

with maximum speed and quality. The support can also be extended to

providing the email and chat support to your customers. We can

train our people to provide the back office support required to run

the projects developed by us for you. '''Payment Schedule ''' The

payment terms are as per mutual agreement between ElcoSoft and the

Client. '''Payment Mode''' ElcoSoft requires that client make the

requisite payments by wire transfer to our bank account in India.

The wire transfer details are different for various currencies in

which the payment is being made and is made available to the client

on project initiation. The wire transfer sender charges, if any,

will have to be borne by the client. We, at ElcoSoft , look at

ourselves as a partner to our clients and not just another vendor.

In the new economy, we realize that customers are increasingly

demanding the flexibility that best serves their unique business

requirements. We provide the option of selecting a combination of

business models to suit various phases of a project cycle. We

leverage our global delivery capability to offer services “on-site”

at the client’s very own premises or “off-shore” at our world-class

software development facilities in India. Offshore Strategic

Sourcing with ElcoSoft is very different from traditional

outsourcing models. With ElcoSoft, you don't give up control and

you can dramatically reduce your costs and IT headaches. ElcoSoft's

approach to outsourcing can also substantially improve IT

effectiveness and help organizations achieve strategic business

goals. '''Fixed-Price Model''' ---- Our fixed time, fixed price

model offers customers a low-risk option and can be employed when

the scope and specifications of the project are reasonably clear.

This model guarantees on-time, on-budget delivery of projects.

Deliverables, Costs and Timelines are clearly defined in the Fixed

Time/Fixed Price model. In fixed time, fixed-price engagements.

ElcoSoft follows a phased approach that includes scoping,

development, implementation and business support. Combining the

fixed time, fixed price model with our solutions center, we can

offer customers a tremendous advantage on the cost front. This

model works best for - Customers with well-defined requirements and

project schedules. Under this option, the customer pays a

pre-negotiated fixed price for the complete project, which in turn

is linked to well-defined deliverables. For any change in scope a

predefined fixed hourly rate agreed at the initial stage of start

of project is paid. For any changes there is a standard change

request procedure that is followed for which we have structured

processes in place. '''Time and Material Model''' ---- When scope,

specification and implementation plans of a software development

project are not easy to define at the outset, Time & Material

Model becomes an attractive option. Under this model, you pay as

per use of the hourly development efforts. Under this mode we

define the business model and work hand in hand with our client for

execution of end-to-end project. At times once the scope is frozen

the time and material project also gets converted to the fixed

price model. We have very strict project management and reporting

practices whereby task sheets are generated on a daily / weekly

basis for each of the developer on the project. In this business

model, ElcoSoft forms project teams with the required team members,

project managers, equipment and infrastructure based on project

requirements. Customers pay a monthly charge based on the size and

composition of the team. This model offers the flexibility to

balance team size and project workloads. Most of our onsite

services (unless it is part of a fixed time, fixed price project)

are delivered using this business model. ElcoSoft could bid for

partial phases of a project on a fixed time, fixed price basis and

the remaining parts on a time and material basis. In such

engagements, the Client has complete flexibility in using our

associates in tasks that match their area of expertise. ElcoSoft

provides knowledgeable, skilled, motivated, energetic and competent

consultants who work seamlessly as part of client teams to provide

quality solutions. Our consultants are handpicked after assessing

their technical, communication and interpersonal skills. We keep

our consultants on the cutting edge of information technology by

providing them with ongoing advanced training and skill-building

workshops. '''Hybrid Model''' ---- very often it becomes necessary

to undertake a major portion of a project on a Fixed Price basis

and at the same time deploy resources on a Time and Materials

Pricing basis. We call this the hybrid model. Adopting such a model

enables the client to maximize their budgets without compromising

any aspect of the project itself. Needless to mention here that

this model too can be Onsite, Offsite, Offshore or any combination

of the same. This model is used when client wishes to work on fixed

price model and when the project scope is not detailed enough to

enable us to estimate the effort with accuracy. Based on the

initial concept note we define a short initial. '''Dedicated

Development Center Model''' ---- A Dedicated development center,

which is an extension of the customer's software engineering

facility, is popular among customers, who are looking at long-term

gains from offshore outsourcing. In this model ElcoSoft reserves

resources, equipment and infrastructure, exclusively for the

customer. While such a model is normally for a pre-determined

minimal period of time, it allows the client to leverage the talent

pool of ElcoSoft , the cost effectiveness of such an offering and

superiority of our Project Management. We jointly identify and

define the team along with our customer and have full transparency,

access and control on the team along with our customer whereby the

dedicated team works as extension of the customers' development

team. We have successfully implemented this concept for more than

70 software product companies across the globe thereby enabling

them to obtain a sustainable advantage over their competition and

providing them possibilities of supernormal savings in their

development costs. We partner with our clients to invest in

replicating their IT environments, training our teams, setting up

communication & security systems and integrating our

development processes with theirs to ensure that the offshore team

is an efficient and seamless extension of the client's development

facilities. We also invest in creating a pool of additional

resources who can be used to augment the team at any time. In

addition this system optimizes employee productivity and charges

Clients with attractive long-term rates and you can realize what we

offer to our clients on a long-term basis. In India, we can

establish and manage dedicated offshore development centers to

develop IT solutions, maintain legacy systems, and provide 24-hour,

on-call support. This model works best for Software Product

Development Usually this model works best for software product

companies for whom we setup end-to-end development and support

facility working as extension of client’s team. '''Existing

Overseas Software Development Houses''' ---- We setup extension of

client teams in India for IT companies globally. In this model also

we work with a dedicated team. '''Dynamically Changing Scope

Requirements''' ---- For clients who are in dynamic industries and

scope of work keeps on changing even while we develop the

application this model works best as we don’t go back and forth for

every change request that gets specified. For clients who wish to

associate with us for long term this is the best model where

savings ranging upto 70% on costs can be achieved. '''Geospatial

Intelligence''' ---- * Geospatial data Intelligence applications *

Desktop GIS Applications * Web based GIS Applications * Maps on

Demand applications * Map editing Applications * Cartography *

Geospatial database design & development * GIS Photogrammetry *

Terrestrial Laser scanning * Digital Surveying * Remote Sensing *

GIS data Conversion * Aerial Image Processing * Thematic Mapping *

Asset Mapping for Petrochemical Plants * Topographic Mapping *

Utility Mapping * Parcel Mapping * Contour Mapping * Automated

Mapping (AM) /Facilities Mapping (FM) * Spatial Analysis and 3D

Modeling * Polygonal mesh modeling * NURBS surfacing *

Digitization/ Vectorization '''Enterprise Business Intelligence'''

---- * Business Intelligence Virtualization * Enterprise Project

Management Solution developed around your organization’s Project

Management practices and processes, tailor made * Enterprise level

solutions like CRM, Business Process and Document Management

Systems, etc. * Web based Enterprise Content Management System *

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) * Inventory Tracking

Solutions * Wireless Order Entry Solution '''Solutions

Intelligence''' ---- * Control System and Automation * Embedded

Programming * Systems Engineering * DirectX applications using VC++

Embedded applications * Systems Software Programming like hardware

simulation software, operating systems, device drivers, firmware,

etc * Mobile and GPS based applications * Systems for rapid network

recovery after failure * Spam Filtering applications * Data-centre

applications '''New/Outsource Product Development''' ---- '''The

Elcosoft Edge''' Elcosoft Pvt Ltd is an Outsourced Product

Development firm committed to helping our customers build software

products better and faster. We work with some of the world’s most

innovative Independent Software companies and software-enabled

businesses, ranging from start-ups to established industry leaders,

transforming the way software is built. “Our services have

constantly transformed to complement our customer’s vision.”

Elcosoft Product Development Services provide you with an

end-to-end solution for bringing your business idea to the market.

We can say that we understand how this business works, and we are

aware what it takes to successfully launch a new product or its new

version. Elcosoft offers dedicated product development service to

help businesses accelerate their product development cycles and

reduce time to market. Our services are designed to handle every

stage of the product development process right from design to

testing. Several leading software product companies have partnered

with us to fulfill their engineering and maintenance needs across

domains and technologies. Elcosoft offers you a tailored solution

for outsourced product development, allowing you to focus on the

Core: your customers and the flawless service you deliver. We can

help you engineer top quality applications and develop effective

strategies to cope with technological change during product life

cycles while ensuring you get more out of your engineering dollar

and improving time to market with precise quality. So, we know what

to do to make sure that the finished product will go live exactly

on the pre-defined date. Experience in development, broad

technology expertise and well-established development processes

contribute to the quality of delivered products. '''why Outsource

your Product Development to Elcosoft?''' * Faster development life

cycles * Reduced time to market * Minimal infrastructure costs and

overheads '''What Elcosoft Ensures?''' * Highest-skilled teams and

a world-class infrastructure * Quality and reliable products

development * Reduced future costs * Strong product management and

software product development processes * Proactive Project

management approach * Adequate tools and methodologies to manage

configurations, releases and its priority * Dedicated product

testing team * Defect tracking tools * Online Product development

progress system * Overcoming the challenges is core to our services

* Strong experience in Software Product Engineering * Exposure to

Latest Technologies '''Testing & QA Services''' ----

'''''Quality Matters Most''''' No question about it: The quality of

your software applications is critical to your business & your

reputation. That’s as true for the applications your customers see

as for those that power your company’s financials or facilities.

Today on average 40% of IT project budgets are allocated to

testing. While the benefits of testing are well-understood, IT

organizations still struggle to test software efficiently and

effectively. Yet few enterprises ever dedicate enough to software

testing and quality assurance. As many as 44% of companies approach

major software testing as an afterthought — once all the coding is

done. What happens next is inevitable: project schedules slip as

defects are corrected, costs increase, and critical projects get

backlogged. The result? Unhappy customers. There’s a smart way to

end this vicious cycle: Partner with an experienced testing service

provider. “Elcosoft QA & Testing Team” help clients produce the

highest quality software, predictably and cost-effectively.

Elcosoft software testing service offerings enable our clients to

achieve predicable, efficient and cost-effective software quality.

We have a dedicated software testing practice that is the center of

our software testing delivery, intellectual property creation, and

thought leadership. It consists of a world-class team with software

testing experts in white box testing, functionality testing,

performance testing, usability testing, integration testing and

test automation. Elcosoft offers a comprehensive range of

independent testing and Quality Assurance (QA) consulting services

that adhere to the highest levels of security, integration and

industry standard processes. Using our dedicated testing labs, QA

expertise and team flexibility, we are able to increase the quality

of our clients’ products while reducing time-to-market, management

risks and operating costs. '''Key Benefits''' * Improved Quality *

Improved Productivity * Reduced Costs * Reduced Time * Process

Automation * Consistent Procedures '''Software Design''' Elcosoft

have the expertise, experience and resources to develop software

Designs that best suit our client’s needs, budget, schedule and

existing infrastructure . We strive to focus on the customer and

deliver solutions designed around their requirements rather than

focusing on a specific technology and expecting the customer to

adapt to the technology and platform of our choice. Designing

software solutions for a wide array of domestic and international

clients has given us the opportunity to develop significant

expertise in different domains and technologies/platforms. We

provide software application development services for business

solutions as well as systems and embedded software with in-depth

knowledge of specific domains within these two fields. '''Business

Benefits''' Reduce engineering costs by up to 60%. Increase

customer satisfaction with improved product quality and

performance. Improve product time to market with more features and

increased platform coverage. ''' Explore Tremendous Opportunity for

Growth''' At Elcosoft, the opportunities to continue learning are

endless. We offer extensive training and mentoring programs, as

well as continuing education tuition reimbursement. We provide all

the tools you need to grow the career you’ve always wanted. '''Be

Satisfied Knowing Your Job Matters''' Because No. of nonprofits

around the world depend on our solutions and services every day to

help them serve others, each member of the Elcosoft team is

critical to our clients’ success. ''' Enjoy Peace of Mind with a

Solid Company''' Elcosoft offers financial stability and security

uncommon to most software companies. Publicly traded with huge

annual revenue, we are a solid company large enough to offer a

level of benefits typically only found at much larger companies,

yet small enough to offer a friendly, personal working environment

to help foster your individual growth and realize your ultimate

career goals. '''Head Office''' Elcosoft Pvt Ltd Plot No 62, I

& II Floor, Sector-34, Gurgaon-122002, India Phone: +91 124 476

3300 Fax: +91 124 476 3330 Contact:

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