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Who is Giovanni de Verrazano?

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What year did Giovanni de verrazano discover the verrazano bridge?

Giovanni De verrazano discovered the verrazano bridge in 1508

How many voyages did Giovanni de Verrazano make?

Giovanni de Verrazano made 3 voyages.He was killed on his third voyage.

When did Giovanni de Verrazano come to the US?

1525 was the year Giovanni da Verrazzano (or Verrazano) came to the U.S.

How sponsored Giovanni de Verrazano?


What was Giovanni de Verrazano nationality?


How did Giovanni de Verrazano die?

Giovanni was killed by cannibals on the isle of Guadeloupe.

When did Giovanni de verrazano go on his first voyage?

verrazano went on his voyage in 1428

What month was Giovanni de Verrazano born in?


What year did Giovanni de Verrazano travel?


What is named after Giovanni de Verrazano?

the Narrow Bridge

Who sent Giovanni de verrazano to explore?

the king

What hardships did Giovanni de verrazano have?

Giovanni de Verrazano faced the hardships of trying to trade with local Indians to get the supplies he needed. He was eventually killed by Native American Indians.

What country sponsored Giovanni De Verrazano?

That would be France

Who was the first explorer in New Jersey?

It was Giovanni de verrazano

What year did Giovanni de Verrazano make his voyage?


Where did Giovanni de verrazano die?

lesser antilles by cannibals

Who sponsored Giovanni de Verrazano?

Although de Verrazano was born in Italy, his patron (or sponsor) was King Francis I, the king of France.

Who were the of verazano?

Please, check your spelling. If you are asking "Who were the founders of the Verrazano Bridge", then the answer is... The Verrazano bridge was named after Giovanni de Verrazano, and explorer from France.

Where did Giovanni de Verrazano travel?

He traveled from France to North America.

What did Giovanni De Verrazano discover at New York Bay?


How many voyages did Giovanni de verrazano go on?

three voyages

Who was the first perose to explore new jersey?

Giovanni de Verrazano

What is Giovanni da verrazano full name?

Giovanni da verrazano

What did Giovanni Da Verrazano discover?

Giovanni da Verrazano discovered America.

What are all the ways you can spell Giovanni da verrazano?

Giovanni da verrazano

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