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Who is Japans emperor now?


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The present emperor of Japan is Emperor Akihito

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The emperor is not chosen, the heir to the throne is the one to become the emperor.

Emperor Akihito is the head of state.

because he was japans emperor

Japans government is run by the power of Monarchy, where the emperor is very limited but the prime minister rules over the people

The Emperor was Hirohito and the prime minister was GEN Tojo.

Hirohito was Emperor from 1926 to 1989.

Emperor Hirohito and Prime Minister Tojo

Japan was under the Imperial Kingdom of Japan. It was ruled by military leaders, government leaders and there was an Emperor. The Emperor was Hirohito during World War 2. They were not under British rule. The Brits and the Americans were Japans enemies then. Now they are not enemies.

Japan has a monarch (Emperor) as head of state and an elected prime minister as head of government.

The current emperor is His Imperial Majesty Akihito. His reign began in 1989 with the death of his father, the Emperor Showa, and he was enthroned in 1990. Fitting with Japanese tradition, after his death he will be refered to by his posthumous name or kaimyo, Heisei.

well japan now is productive in terms of making technology.

The Prime Minister was Hideki Tojo.The Emperor ruled under the advice of GEN Tojo.

If you mean national anthem, it's "Kimi-Ga-Yo", which means "May Your Reign Last Forever" (Dedicated to the emperor)

The emperor will see you now. The emperor is showing off his new clothes.

China is now a republic.

Russia does not have an emperor anymore. It now has a president and Prime minister.

the Blue Crane is Japans National Bird.

japans house- the japans house!

People are Japans greatest natural resource.

there is no emperor of china right now. but when there were they lived in the forbidin palace

Japans currency is the YEN. The YEN symbol is ¥ and its code is JPY.

Japans natural resources are the ocean, the forest, and farming

First capital was Nara, the second was Shiga, the third was Kyoto. After the 19th C., Tokyo was where the emperor made his home, and since where he is, that`s where the capital is..... -NekoG

He was the Japanese Impereal Emperor during WW2 his son is now the Emperor of Japan

his name was Mutsuhito now known as the Meiji emperor

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