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Who is John McKinley?

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john mcginleys older bro

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When was John McKinley born?

John McKinley was born on 1780-05-01.

When did John McKinley die?

John McKinley died on 1852-07-19.

When did John C. McKinley die?

John C. McKinley died on 1927-05-01.

When was John C. McKinley born?

John C. McKinley was born on 1859-11-20.

What two Presidents died before their fathers?

I think John F Kennedy and William McKinley I think.... Kennedy, yes. McKinley, no.

What actors and actresses appeared in President McKinley Taking the Oath - 1901?

The cast of President McKinley Taking the Oath - 1901 includes: Nelson Appleton Miles as himself John Dalzell as himself George Dewey as himself Marcus Hanna as himself John Lendrum Mitchell as himself Ida McKinley as herself William McKinley as himself

Who has been the only bachelor President of the US?


Did William McKinley have any brothers and sisters?

Yes, William McKinley had eight siblings.Anna McKinleyDavid McKinleyJames McKinleyAbner McKinleySarah McKinleyMary McKinleyAbigail McKinleyHelen McKinley

What four Presidents who were assassinated?

Garfield, Abraham Lincoln, McKinley, John Kennedy

Who died as a president?

Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, John F. Kennedy.

Which presidents were assasinated?

James Garfield, William McKinley, John Kennedy, and Abraham Lincoln

Was John F. Kennedy the youngest us president?

Theodore Roosevelt was the Vice President under William McKinley and was the youngest president to hold officer when McKinley was assassinated. John F. Kennedy was youngest president elected to office.

Who was the third US president assassinated?

I believe it was William McKinley. First was Abraham Lincoln, second James Garfield, third William McKinley, and fourth John F. Kennedy.

Which presidents were not assassinated?

Everyone besides John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln ,Garfield and McKinley.

Who were the presidents that were assassinated?

Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, and John F. Kennedy.

How were the presidents assassinated?

Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, and John F. Kennedy!

Who was the president in 99?

1799 : John Adams 1899: William McKinley 1999: Bill Clinton

Who are William McKinley children?

Katherine Mckinley and Ida Mckinley

Did john q. Adams get assassinated?

No John Quincy Adams was not assassinated. The only presidents that were assassinated were Garfield, Kennedy, Lincoln, and McKinley.

Who was Mt McKinley named after?

Mt. Mckinley was named for President McKinley.

What were William McKinley's sister's names?

Anna McKinley, Mary McKinley May, Helen Minerva McKinley, Sarah Elizabeth McKinley Duncan, & Abigail Celia McKinley.

Which of the presidents were assassinated?

Abraham Lincoln. James Garfield. William McKinley. John F. Kennedy. (this is in order)

Usa presidents who were assassinated?

* Abraham Lincoln * James Garfield * William McKinley * John F. Kennedy

Who were the only three presidents to get killed?

President John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, and James McKinley.

What American presidents where killed?

John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley

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