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Who is Morgana in Merlin?


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November 03, 2010 8:48AM

If you're talking about Morgana from the television show Merlin then her story is rather different than legend, though similar at the same time. Morgana is shown to be King Uther's ward and the adoptive sister of Prince Arthur (the once and future king) though they have a mild romance in Season 1. However, in episode 5 of Season 3 it is discovered that Morgana is actually Uther's daughter and Arthur's half-sister. She is born with magic (though only Merlin knows this throughout Seasons 1 & 2) verbally battles Uther on several occasions on his hatred of magic and his desire to put to death those who practice it.

She is fiesty and independent but cares deeply for her friends. She is particularly close to her maid, Guinivere (the future queen), and forms a close bond with Merlin as well. As he magic develops she begins to feel more isolated and becomes easily manipulated into thinking Uther must die for the good of the kingdom. She slowly progresses into an evil sorceress who swears revenge on Camelot, especially Merlin & Uther. This is due to the influence of her long lost sister, Morgause.

Now, knowing she is a bloodline to the Pendragon throne, she is out to claim the lives of those in her way (Uther & Arthur).