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Who is Prince Shōtoku?


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Prince Philip, Prince Michael of Kent, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, Prince William, Prince Harry. There may be others but I can't think of them.

Yes, Prince William's brother is a prince. His name is Prince Harry.

Prince Andrew is 50 and Prince Edward is 46. Prince Charles is 62.

No, Prince William and Prince Henry (known as Prince Harry) are not twins. Prince William is the elder son of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles.

crown prince is called as a queen. therefore crown prince and prince is different.

Prince Eric, Prince John, Prince Phillip

Prince Charles is heir to the throne (Prince Charles is the Queen's Eldest Son), Prince William is heir to Prince Charles (Prince William is Prince Charles' Eldest).

Prince Henry of Wales

Prince Williams father is HRH Prince Charles the Prince of Wales

Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales and the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Incidentally Prince Henry is always known as Prince Harry

No Prince William is not The Prince of Wales. That title is held by the eldest son of the reigning monarch. The reigning monarch is Queen Elizabeth II and her eldest son is Prince Charles, who is Prince of Wales. Prince William is known as Prince William of Wales because his father is Prince Charles. When Charles becomes King, then Prince William will become the Prince of Wales

Prince Charles Is the Father of Prince WilliamH.R.H. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, was born in 1948; his elder son, Prince William of Wales, was born in 1982.

The Prince in Twain's "The Prince and the Pauper" was the Prince of Wales (Edward the Sixth) son of Henry VIII. or Edward Tudor

prince or simply young prince

my prince is 'mon prince' in French.

Since he born he is a prince.

Prince Valiant was a Norse prince from Thule .

Prince Charles is the son of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Prince William was 15 Prince Henry was 13

Prince Charles siblings are Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward.

A Prince of Cumberland would be a prince who is the son of a prince who is Duke of Cumberland. For example, Prince George of Cumberland when his father, The Prince Ernest Augustus, was The Duke of Cumberland.

prince bantugan is a great prince in their kingdom

Prince Charles is the father of Prince William.

Prince William's father is Prince Charles.

He is a Prince of the UK and he will be on the throne after Prince William.

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