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Who is Smokey the Bear?

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Well actually, the name is 'Smokey Bear', not 'Smokey the Bear'. The confusion stems from a 1960s songwriter's flub, for the sake of the rhythm of the song.

Smokey Bear was an orphaned Black bear cub, rescued in 1950 from the devastating (17,000 acres lost) Capitan Gap fire in the Lincoln National Forest in New Mexico, USA. Originally named Hotfoot Teddy, he was found, up a tree, with burns on his paws and hind legs. After a short rehabilitation, he was flown to the National Zoo in Washington, DC for a life of public service as the living symbol for fire prevention. He had millions of visitors over the span of his 26-year life, and at one time was receiving 13,000 letters a week from schoolchildren. So the US Postal Service gave him his own ZIP Code.

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What type of bear is Smokey Bear?

Smokey was an American black bear.

Smokey Bear was found in what state?

Smokey bear was found in new mexico!

Smokey Bear Ronald MacDonald trix rabbit which is oldest?

Smokey bear

Who is the oldest Ronald McDonald Smokey bear or the trix rabbit?

Smokey the Bear!

When was Smokey the Bear Sutra created?

Smokey the Bear Sutra was created in 1969.

Who has been around longer Ronald McDonald or Smokey Bear?

Smokey tha bear

Who came first Smokey Bear Ronald McDonald or trix rabbit?

Smokey bear

Is Smokey Bear a Grizzly bear?

No, Smokey Bear was a Black bear cub, orphaned by a terrible fire in the Lincoln National Park in New Mexico.

Why is smokey bear sometimes called Smokey the Bear?

Because his name is Smokey and he's a bear and some songwriters thought it fit better to take poetic license with his real name.

Which icon is oldest between Smokey Bear Ronald McDonald or trix rabbit?

Smokey Bear is the oldest

Can Smokey Bear attend the funeral of a firefighter?

smokey bears a cartoon not a bear that will randomly show at a funeral

Where is the smokey bear national park at?

Smokey Bear HISTORICAL Park is located in Capitan, New Mexico.

When was smokey bear born?

The character of Smokey Bear was 'born' on August 9, 1944. the live bear cub that became the living symbol of Smokey Bear was found on May 4, 1950 when he was several months old.

Is it 'Smokey the Bear' or 'Smokey Bear'?

It is 'Smokey Bear'. There is no "the" in his name. That was added by songwriters to make their song sound better. Check the National Forest Service's history of Smokey Bear and you'll see that his correct name has no "the" in it.The bear has his own US Postal ZIP Code!Please see the link below:

What is Smokey the Bear's middle name?

Smokey Bear has NO middle name.

Is Smokey Bear in the public domain?

No; Smokey Bear is administered by the Secretary of Agriculture. See the link below for complete information.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Smokey Bear Show - 1969?

The cast of The Smokey Bear Show - 1969 includes: Carl Banas Billie Mae Richards Paul Soles Jackson Weaver as Smokey the Bear

When did Smokey the Bear die?


Did smokey bear have a girlfriend?


What color is smokey bear?


What does the bear mean in law?

Highway Patrolmen are often called "Smokey Bear" or "the Bear" because they wear hats that resemble the one worn by the National Forest Rangers' mascot, Smokey Bear.

How old is Smokey Bear?

On August 9, 1944, the first poster of Smokey Bear was produced. So that would make him 64 today.

For who is Smokey the Bear the mascot?

Created in 1944, Smokey the Bear is the official mascot of the United States Forest Service. Smokey the Bear's role is to educate the general populace of the dangers of forest fire and their prevention.

When did Smokey bear die?

He died in 1976

Who does voice for Smokey Bear?

Sam Elliot