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Who is Smokey the Bear?

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2011-04-13 17:56:41

Well actually, the name is 'Smokey Bear', not 'Smokey the Bear'.

The confusion stems from a 1960s songwriter's flub, for the sake of

the rhythm of the song.

Smokey Bear was an orphaned Black bear cub,

rescued in 1950 from the devastating (17,000 acres lost) Capitan

Gap fire in the Lincoln National Forest in New Mexico, USA.

Originally named Hotfoot Teddy, he was found, up a tree,

with burns on his paws and hind legs. After a short rehabilitation,

he was flown to the National Zoo in Washington, DC for a life of

public service as the living symbol for fire prevention. He had

millions of visitors over the span of his 26-year life, and

at one time was receiving 13,000 letters a week from

schoolchildren. So the US Postal Service gave him his own ZIP


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