Who is Sunni?

A Sunni is defined as someone who lives in the exact footsteps of the prophet Muhammes (S.A.W), unfortunately there is not a man alive who can rightfully claim that he is doing so.

Sunni is the Muslim who believes in the legitimacy of the caliphs that been elected after the death of prophet Muhammad (peace upon him). Sunnis follow also, as all Muslims of all sects, the Quran teachings and prophet Muhammad sayings and practices.

The Sunnies are the Ahl-i-Sunnat Wal Jama'at. The follow the teachings of holy Qur'an, the says and actions of Holy prophet (SAW) and the footsteps of the holy Companions (May Allah be pleased with them). They consider that Hazrat Abu Bakr (RAU), Hazrat Umar (RAU), Hazrat Usman (RAU) and Hazrat Ali (RAU) are the Rightful Caliphs.