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Who is TechnoJesus?


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September 13, 2011 6:37PM

TechnoJesus is also known as Josh Hughes. TechnoJesus's primary role in life is to assist others with their IT related problems as in BEC (Brislington Enterprise College) The IT team (Northgate) will not help with many problems as they simply do not know the answer and usually use Google or wikianswers to help them. TechnoJesus has a wide knowledge on computers ever since a very boring EE lesson. After that particular lesson with "Miss Bowels" Josh has taught himself about computers.

One particular teacher at BEC constantly tells TechnoJesus that he knows too much for his own good. Normally when Miss Bowels tells him this he replies with "If you knew what i knew about computers, you'd probably wake up screaming during the night".

Aswell as helping people with computers at the school building, he has also caused problems there due to using programes like "NetSupport" and "EasyMP". NetSupport is a program that allows the user to remotely connect to another users computer and take control. EasyMP is used to connect to a wireless projector. Both of these programes have caused problems within the school building. Josh has shown other users how to use these programes but has never yet been caught. TechnoJesus operates by the rule of "Silent but deadly". He has been using this rule for about 2 years.

TechnoJesus has two main enimies: Northgate due to the fact that they can't control their network. Miss Bowels as she is constantly trying to report Josh to Northgate due to the programes that he uses and that he knows "too much".

Aswell as having enemies, he has many friends and fans, some of which include teachers. Some staff members and students see him as a God due to his IT skills and powers.