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hi im a student at ltms lexington Kentucky. i was wondering if you could tell me about some famous people (musicians) from Venezuela and what they're music is like. thank you and if you need to contact me here is my email:

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Who is a famous artist in Venezuela?

A famous past artist of Venezuela is DAB who is me

Who is the most famous musician from Cuba?

Celia Cruz is the most famous musician from Cuba

What is Venezuela famous sport?

The major sports in Venezuela are baseball and football.

Famous people in Venezuela?


Why is john coltrane famous?

He was a famous jazz musician.

What is the name of the most famous desert in Venezuela?

The Guajira Desert which Venezuela shares with Columbia.

Who is a famous musician from the Dominican Republic?

Some famous musician of the Dominican Republic are Juan Luis Guerra and Aventura Group.

What was Bruce springsteen famous for?

He is a musician.

Who is a famous Australian musician?

The Veronicas

Who is the most famous musician?


What is a famous musician from Poland?


Who is a famous saxophone musician from Canada?

miles Davis was one of the worlds top saxophone musicians and was a famous saxophone musician in Canada...

Can you buy a double neck guitar if you're not a famous musician?

Sure! Gibson and Epiphone both have popular double neck models. You don't have to be a famous musician to own one but you might need to be a famous musician to afford one!

Who are the famous athletes of Venezuela?

kelly boyd

Famous things from Venezuela?

naked men

Famous lake in Venezuela?

Lake Maracaibo

Who is a famous artist from Venezuela?

Ricardo Montaner.

Who is a famous explorer of Venezuela?

Chrisphor Columbus

What is a famous beach in Venezuela?

Margarita Island

Famous street in Venezuela?

The Street of Caracas is the most famous street in Venezuela. This street is famous because of the large number of street gangs who commit a number of crimes.

How Neil Young became famous?

Neil young was a famous musician.

What were the famous musicians in South Korea?

one famous musician was yiruma

What is a famous musician that starts with V?


Is there any famous musician from Alaska?


What is the definition of Beethoven?

Beethoven is a famous musician.

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