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A religious immoral person is someone who is either immoral despite their religious beliefs, or indeed because of them.

  • Examples include the Catholic church, which has many selfless and good leaders, but at the same time has been involved with aiding and abetting pedophile priests, protecting them from prosecution after they molest children.
  • Muslim extremists have used religion as an excuse to kill people and go on suicide missions- in the name of god.
  • Pro-life extremists have killed doctors who work at abortion clinics.

These are some examples of religion breeding immorality. When morality is assumed to come from an outside intangible force (god, Jesus, Allah etc..) , as many religions claim, it removes the individual from using their own judgment and opens the door for all kinds of immoral and despicable behaviors. If you believe that god is on your side, you aren't likely to second-guess your decisions and opinions.

To put it blunt and short, being religious doesn't make one a good person, any more than being non-religious makes one a bad person. It is up to the individual to do the right thing, and many times a belief in god can hinder that process.

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Q: Who is a religious immoral person?
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What is an immoral act?

sex outside marriage according to many religious holy books.

What makes a person immoral?

In scientific terms, nothing.

Are non religious people immoral?

Some are and some aren't. Being religious or not is not what makes people immoral. It is their own actions. Lots of people who do not follow any religion are very moral, and there are lots of people who do follow a religion but behave immorally.

When do we have the duty to change a law that is immoral?

In general, we don't have a duty to change immoral laws, unless they are also unfair or unjust. The concept of "morality" is dependent on your religious beliefs, and not everyone in the country (or at least, in the United States) shares your religious beliefs.

Is the death penalty immoral?

The answer to that depends on the person you're asking. I, for one, think it's immoral. Killing someone is never the right answer. After all, maybe the person actually was innocent.

What does being sexually immoral mean?

Sexually immoral is more of an opinion than a fact. Depending on religious itself can be interpreted as immoral. For example, if one cannot procreate, then having sex would be lust according to a certain religion.

What are the basis of morality of human acts?

The basis of morality in a human action is well defined and prescribed in all religions and their scriptures. A person who is religious or believes in religion shall not commit an immoral act

Can legal behavior be immoral?

Yes, legal behavior can be immoral, but it is generally quite subjective (i.e. it depends on the person's beliefs who is judging the morality of a behavior). Some people think that drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, and going to strip clubs are all immoral behavior. However, some do not believe these are immoral behaviors. The difference however, is that legal immoral behavior is not intrinsically immoral (i.e. in and of itself is wrong, or almost every single person thinks it is wrong). On the other hand, most illegal behavior is intrinsically immoral, such as killing someone else.

What is immoral behavior?

Immoral behavior is behavior done without consideration of morals. Alas, people have different morals. This means that is somone goes against another person's morals, there behavior is deemed 'immoral'.

Was Henry ford a religious person?

yes he was a religious person

What is the word for a person who knows of an immoral act and does nothing to prevent it?

A disinterested bystander.

What are the benefits of an holy and unholy person?

A:'Holy' could mean righteous or moral, or it could mean highly religious. In each case, 'unholy' has the reverse meaning. In the first case, there is a benefit to society that people be moral in their dealings. For this reason, we punish immoral people when the overstep the mark.In the second case, there is no particular benefit to others whether a person is highly religious or not. Some would prefer a non-religious person to a person who wears his religion on his sleeve or wants to preach about it at every opportunity. However, some very religious people manage to keep their faith private.

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