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A technologist is an individual that works with technology. These individuals often receive extensive specialized training at a college or university and possess a degree in the specific field of expertise in which they are planning to work.

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Q: Who is a technologist?
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What is a sentence using the word technologist?

i am a technologist.

What is the average salary of a medical technologist in Singapore?

salary for medical technologist in singapore

What is the abbreviations for a certified medical laboratory technologist?

RMT Registered Medical Technologist

What is the abbreviation for technologist?

there is no abbreviation for technologist because people wouldn't understand what you are saying.

What are the names of four technologist?

Technologist may refer to:Architectural technologist, a specialist in the technology of building design and constructionEducational technologist, a specialist in tools to enhance learningEngineering technologist, a specialist who implements technology within a field of engineeringIndustrial technologist, a specialist in the management, operation, and maintenance of complex operation systemsMedical technologist, a healthcare professional who performs diagnostic analysis on a variety of body fluidsRadiologic technologist, a medical professional who applies doses of radiation for imaging and treatmentSurgical technologist, a health specialist who facilitates the conduct of invasive surgical proceduresSoftware technologist, a specialist in computer software and web applicationsIf you are looking for the names of specific people you will need to be much more clear in your request.

What is the difference between a technician and a technologist?

In Canada the difference between an engineering technician and an engineering technologist is a technologist has more training in Science, Mathematics, and is required to write a thesis.

What is a surgical technologist salary like?

A surgical technologist assists in surgical operations. The technologist is crucial in operations and pays about $40,000 a year ($20.00 an hour). Good luck!

Is an technologist and a technician the same thing?

A technologist is on theoretical knowledge and a technician is on practical hands on professional.

When was Frank Moss - technologist - born?

Frank Moss - technologist - was born in 1949.

When was Barry Schwartz - technologist - born?

Barry Schwartz - technologist - was born in 1980.

When was Richard Green - technologist - born?

Richard Green - technologist - was born in 1955.

What is the difference bitween an engineer and technologist?

engineer is like user and developer of a phone.and technologist is the maker of the phone.

Was Henry Ford and Industrialist or technologist?

He was first and foremost an industrialist. But he was also an inventor. I would not call him a technologist.

Who is a famous technologist?


What rhymes with technologist?


How much does technologist make per hour?

It depends on the technologist,and his technical skills. There's so specific sum .

How will gonorrhea affect you as a surgical technologist?

If you are a surgical technologist with gonorrhea, it will not affect your professional life. Treatment is easy and quick.

How much money do nuclear medicine technologist make?

The average annual salary for a nuclear medicine technologist in the United States is $72,000. The average annual salary for a nuclear medicine technologist supervisor is $106,000.

Where can you find an mri tech job?

You can find an mri tech job at,,

How much does a Radiology earn?

Do you mean a radiology technologist? I am a radiologic technologist and I make about 700 a week before taxes taken out.

Cardiovascular technologist what do they do?

A cardiovascular technologist helps diagnose and treat heart disease. They may perform tests such as an electrocardiogram or an angiogram.

What has the author R S Hutton written?

R. S. Hutton has written: 'Supplement to 'Recollections of a technologist'' 'Recollections of a technologist'

Who is a Laboratory Supervisor?

Medical technologist

Will the surgical technologist be scrubbed in for a cystoscopy?


What are the career options in fashion technology?

Fashion Merchandiser Product Developer Garment Technologist Fabric Technologist Testing and Quality Assurance