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Who is affected by homelessness?

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the homeless

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How are children affected to homelessness?

they dont have a home

How may people are affected by homelessness in America?

123,833 was the number in 2007

How are people affected by homelessness?

they have troubles about having fun and no present day knowledge.

Who are the people most affected by homelessness?

They most affect their family and their loved ones. They also hurt themselves by what they did to be in that situation.

How does homelessness happen?

How dose homelessness happen

When did homelessness start?

Homelessness was always a problem.

How to write a policy outline on homelessness?

OutlineState your issue at hand.Define HomelessnessGive some historical background on homelessnessCauses that lead to homelessnessImplications of homelessnessHelp/ solutions/ Conclusion

When did homelessness begin?

homelessness begin in 1950's

What is the root word for homelessness?

home to homeless to homelessness

When was Exposing Homelessness created?

Exposing Homelessness was created in 2006.

What are the main reasons for homelessness?

the main reasons of homelessness are poverty and overpopulation.

What are the ratings and certificates for Homelessness?

Homelessness - ???? is rated/received certificates of: UK:PG

What is the duration of Exposing Homelessness?

The duration of Exposing Homelessness is 1200.0 seconds.

What is homelessness?

Homelessness is where you have no addressed home and do not have clothing, food, shelter, and medical care. Homelessness is where you do not live under a roof with assistance, homelessness includes not having any money with you to keep yourself free for your whole life.

What could be a dependent and independent variable for homelessness?

would homelessness be a dependent variable

What is the connotation of homelessness?

Homelessness generally connotes drunkenness, drug addiction, laziness, and/or mental disease, however none of these factors are necessarily required for homelessness.

What different types of homelessness is there?

Temporary,long-term, institutionalized are some identifications of homelessness

Which country has the highest rates of homelessness?

The western countries have the highest rate of homelessness for men.

What charities are there for homelessness?

Shelter is a charity for homelessness in the UK. See the related link for their website.

When was National Alliance to End Homelessness created?

National Alliance to End Homelessness was created in 1987.

Is the word homelessness singular or plural?

The noun 'homelessness' is a singular, uncountable noun (it has no plural form).

Where is homelessness most common?

Homelessness is common all over the world , and anyone can become homeless. Homelessness does not just mean with no property , it means no house, no job , no family and not together with the community.

Do people want to legalize homelessness?

Homelessness is legal in the US. There is no law against not having a place to live.

Why do people become homelessness?

you can become homelessness if you dont pay rent/mortgage and councils will take your house.

Where is Homelessness?

Everywere on the streets ! :(