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You know the answer: you hit a parked car! You're absolutely liable.

On one hand, you should have been looking while backing out so it would be your fault. He may get a citation for parking there, but you could have avoided an accident by looking first. You will be lucky if you are not cited for reckless and dangerous driving.

(In some states, contributory negligence on the part of the parked car's owner could reduce your liability, but you would still be At Fault. Your best option is to report vehicles that are illegally parked and avoid any possible accidents.)

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Q: Who is at fault if a car blocks your driveway and you back into it?
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If you back out of a driveway and strike a moving car who is at fault?

The person backing out of the driveway.

Car is reversing out of driveway into public road into path of car which hits the back of the reversing car?

The backing car is at fault

Who fault is it when someone is pulling out of the driveway and hits another car?

The person pulling out of the driveway is at fault.

If you back into a parked car in a residential driveway who is to blame?

If you reverse your car and then collide with a parked car , the person who did the reversing is at fault.

What if a car hits you as you back into your driveway?

if you're reversing into your driveway and someone hits you its their fault. you were moving away and they wern't paying attention. Now if you went back into the street to straighten out and back back in then it might be your fault, but if you were reversing the whole way and never came back out of your driveway it would be theirs

Who is at fault when a car reversing out of a driveway into a public road hits a car who has just backed out and about to move forward?

the car reversing oput of the driveway is at fault.

Who is at fault when a car is blocking the driveway and as you back out you try to stop but it is icy and you hit the car blocking the driveway?

What type of driveway? Was it a curving and could not see the car before rounding the curve? Is it straight; then why did you not see the car blocking the driveway before even getting into car and/or backing..

Who is at fault when someone is backing out of a driveway and hits a car semi blocking that driveway?

The car that is moving is normally the one at fault. No matter how someone is positioned you should not drive into them (going forward or in reverse). It therefore seems to me that the car backing out of the driveway is at fault.

If a car is on main highway and a car pulls out of a hidden driveway and hits the car on the highway whos fault is it?

The car that was in the hidden driveway.

Who is at fault when car hits a car parked illegally on the public street by driveway?

I'm from Michigan, so it is no one's fault HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH.

When Someone blocked your car in and shooting at you you hit there car is there insurance responsible?

if some man blocks you in your driveway and starts shooting gun at you , you back intothere your car to get away is there insurance responsible

Who is at fault if you back out of your driveway cross 3 lanes put in drive and got hit by another car backing out of his driveway?

If you were fully in the lane, and he is backing from private property onto public property more than likely he will bare the majority of fault/liablilty.

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