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What if a car hits you as you back into your driveway?


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if you're reversing into your driveway and someone hits you its their fault. you were moving away and they wern't paying attention. Now if you went back into the street to straighten out and back back in then it might be your fault, but if you were reversing the whole way and never came back out of your driveway it would be theirs


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If someone hits a parked car then they are automatically liable.

It would be the person who backed out at first and bumped into the cars. The person is either having problems looking behind him or is impatient. When it comes to this if you see the car before you back into it stop, get out, and go to the neighbors house and ask them if they would move their car.

What type of driveway? Was it a curving and could not see the car before rounding the curve? Is it straight; then why did you not see the car blocking the driveway before even getting into car and/or backing..

The car that is moving is normally the one at fault. No matter how someone is positioned you should not drive into them (going forward or in reverse). It therefore seems to me that the car backing out of the driveway is at fault.

If you're driving forward, you aren't backing out the car.

If you reverse your car and then collide with a parked car , the person who did the reversing is at fault.

As My Daughter is 17(not an adult) and its not her car, It would be the 18 year old friends responsibility, As s/he didn`t have my permision to back my car out.

I'm from Michigan, so it is no one's fault HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH.

Walk to the back of the car and make sure nothing or no one is behind the car. Back up very slowly even after looking.

It depends. Which bumper is still in your driveway, your front or rear? Did the other car leave the roadway and hit your car? After you came to a full stop did you then proceed to back out and then got hit? If any part of your car was in the roadway then it would most probably be your fault. Any vehicle that is entering into traffic from a driveway is required to yield the right of way to those vehicles traveling within the roadway. If you stuck 2 inches of your car into the road and you were hit, it would be your fault.

Yes, provided there is nobody behind your car, and you are not backing up directly into oncoming traffic. As long as you can do it sober and not cause injury or damage to anyone or anything, of course it's legal to back your car out of your driveway in Kentucky or anyplace else on the planet for that matter.

can you put a car cover over a car that has no tags or insurance in your private driveway

you can register it as non-op (non-operational) and put it in your driveway and cancel the insurance but it has to be in your driveway and cant move until you put insurance back on it

It is not an offence to back out of a driveway, but it is an offence to back across a lane of traffic.

The standard width of a two-car driveway is 20 to 24 feet wide. A single-car driveway width is between nine and 12 feet wide.

The average width of a single car driveway is between 10 and 12 feet. As for a double car driveway, it goes up to 20 feet.

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