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No madder how old the driver if you hit the rear of his car its automaticaly your fualt

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Q: Who is at fault if an underage driver with permit and no adult present aggressively braked and the driver behind hit the bumper of the car?
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Who is at fault if a driver aggressively braked and the driver behind hit the bumper and back passenger side of the car?

In almost every case of a rear end collision, it is the fault of the car behind. The law in all states implies that the driver of a vehicle should always be in control. The assumption is, that rearend collision can be avoided if the driver had been paying attention and not following too close.

What does braked and unbraked mean on a van?

Braked, means that the emergency brake is on and unbraked means that it is off.

Who is at fault if an underage driver with a permit and no adult present aggressively braked and the driver behind hit the bumper of the car?

If it went down just as stated, both of you are at fault. You know you shouldn't be driving without an adult present. That's a violation of the law. The other person rear-ended you and could be charged with "undue care and attention" or "following too closely" or the like. If the damage was minimal and no insurance info was exchanged by the other person then bye-bye and you probably won't hear much about it. However, if the police were brought into it or the other person reported this to their insurance, then you may be cited and fined (and a "mark" will be made on your driving record). The other person may also be cited and fined as well, and any damages to the vehicle you were driving will be paid by the other person's insurance because they were at fault for the accident.

If you hit a car from behind because someone else braked in front causing them to brake suddenly whos fault is it?

you are... by law, its tish enit

What is the braked towing capacity of a 2000 Nissan Elgrand 3.5l petrol wagon?

1200kg Braked and 500kg Unbraked

What is the towing capacity on a 1993 Subaru?

I used to pull up to 1100 kg's (braked) behind my Legacy VZR AWD non turbo. Look out for manufacturers weight limits on towbar though.

Why does the tailgate open on your Ford Focus when you put your foot on the brake and release it?

the tailgate opens when i have braked in a ford focus automatic the tailgate opens when i have braked in a ford focus automatic

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2litre diesel 605 kg unbraked trailer 1200 kg braked trailer 2.5 litre diesel 625 kg unbraked 1200 kg braked

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What is the towing capacity of a BMW X5?

The towing capacities for both the E53 and newer E70 X5 are:with braked trailer: 2700kg / 6000lbwith un-braked: 750kg / 1600lb

What could be the reason a car runs rough when in gear but braked at a light?

it is in auto gear

What is the past perfect tense of brake?

The past perfect tense of brake is had braked.

What is the past tense of brake?

The past tense of brake is braked.She saw the accident and braked quickly.Alternatively, if you mean 'break' as in smashing something, broke.He broke the glass vase.

04 Hyundai Elantra all four brakes are locked up?

I have a Hyundai Elantra GLS 2003 with "anti-lock brakes." I rear ended a car on the highway last night and on recolecting as carefully as I can, I braked, and I believe I braked in time. The car didn't stop. I don't believe it even slowed down appreciably. A friend of mine said that the "anti-lock" mechanism RELEASES the brake when it senses a skid. But what logic there is in not braking immediately after the release (in an automatic pumping motion) escapes me entirely and I braked immediately and I braked hard. I am considering taking Hyundai to court. I'd be grateful for any information or incidents others have experienced.

How do airplane wheels work?

They rotate and can be braked, just like auto wheels. Nose wheels can be steered.

What weight can a Ford Transit 280 SWB Tow?

Unbraked 750 lbs: Braked 1500 lbs.

What record did Mohammed Ali Clay braked?

first to win the world heavyweight title 3 times.

A sentence for negative acceleration?

As the taxi driver braked sharply, my friend said "Wow, negative acceleration!"

How is friction used to stop a bicycle?

Somewhere, a stationary brake pad will be pushed against a moving surface. If the bike is rim braked, brake pads will pinch the wheel rim. If the bike is drum or coaster braked, stationary pads will push out against the rotating shell of the hub. If the bike is disc braked, brake pads will pinch the rotor between them. And the friction between the moving surface and the stationary brake pads (together with the friction between tires and ground) is what stops the bike.

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750kg unbraked trailer/1800kg braked trailer

What makes a car sound like someone cleaning out their saxophone when car is braked and brakes applied?

you need brake pads

Why should you not turn the key to the start position when the car is running?

Because it will stop and then car will braked . Engine will be blow up .

What is the difference between a Honda xr80r and a cr80?

The CR80 is a 2 stroke with a 6 speed, watercooled, disc braked, seat height of 32.6 inches and weighs 151 pounds. The XR80 is a 4 stroke with a 5 speed, air cooled, drum braked, seat height of 28.6 inches and weighs 155 pounds.