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The driver who hit it.

2006-08-28 04:53:52
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Q: Who is at fault if the car in front started spinning in a puddle and was hit on the back passenger door?
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What rights do i have as passenger in a wreck?

The rights you have as a passenger in vehicle that was wrecked are simple. You are not a fault, you have the right to sue for damages and medical bills. Usually, the at fault person's insurance pays your medical bills and such.

Can a passenger in the vehicle at fault sue the driver of the vehicle not at fault?

No. No fault means exactly that. The driver not responsible for the accident cannot be held liable for injuries to any passengers in the at fault vehicle.

You have water coming into passenger side of your vauxhall combo?

common fault on corsa combo, it the passenger door seal fella.

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I coolant on the passenger floor of a 1978 corvette the fault of the heater core?


How much money can you get if you were injured as a passenger in a car accident and it was the drivers fault?


Can a passenger in an uninsured vehicle that was at fault sue the driver of the vehicle that was hit?

Only if the other driver was at fault. If the driver of the uninsured vehicle was at fault, the injured person would have to recover damages from them.

Air bag fault sign in a mini cooper?

Need a new passenger/driver seat sensor - Had to have the passenger seat replaced in mine

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If a passenger in a car causes wreck who is at fault?

The person driving is responsible for all their passengers.

Is the passenger at fault when they grab the steering wheel and cause a car to lose control and crash?

It would depend upon the circumstances. If the passenger is a fully functioning adult, then yes, it would likely be the passenger's fault. If, however, the passenger was under the charge of the adult driver (such as a young child, or an adult with diminished mental capacity), then it could be argued that the driver created the circumstances in which the crash was liable to occur by placing the passenger in the front seat, and the driver could therefore be found to be at least partially at fault.

How do you fix passenger window in 96 Hyundai accent?

Identify the fault/problem. Repair or replace

When was no fault insurance started in Ontario?

June 22, 1990

Can car insurance companies charge the passenger for the drivers fault in an accident?

No. The person driving is the responsible party.

Are you at fault if you hit someone from behind who stopped in the middle of the street and the started to back up?

If they wern't going backwards when you hit them you are at fault.

Who is at fault the driver or passenger if he opens the and a bicycle hits it?

The driver. Even though the driver didn't have anything personally to do with it, the driver is responsible for the vehicle, incl the passenger(s) and what they might do.

Who is at fault when you are traveling in your lane of traffic and a car pulling from a parking space along the side of the road crashes into the front passenger fender of your car?

The car pulling from the parking space is at fault

How much money do you get if you were a passenger in a car accident and it was not your fault?

Unable to answer - too little is known about the circumstances of the accident. Was the driver of the car you were in at fault? Was the driver of the other car at fault? Submit your medical claims to the appropriate insurance company and wait to be contacted for an offer.

Car A is making a left turn and has already crossed the lane of car B by 75 percent car B was speeding and rams the right rear fender of car A spinning it like a top who is at fault?

Car B is at fault.

Who is at fault I was making a left turn and I was struck in the passenger rear panel of my vehicle?

I don't know the details but most likely the vehicle that struck you is at fault if he/she was traveling in the same direction and lane behind you.

Can a passenger in my vehicle come after my insurance company after an accident that was not my fault and the car that hit us had insurance?

If you have medical, yes because your medical under your car insurance covers your passengers, regardless of fault.

How much will I get from a no fault passenger car accident?

I would say 5-10 years for insurance fraud if you have no real injuries.

Can you sue a passenger in the at fault vehicle?

only if the passenger contributed to the accident (smoking marijuana causing the driver to get high via second hand, distracting the driver, etc) and can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

What auto insurance do you bill if you where a passenger in auto accident?

You should be talking to the insurance company that insures the vehicle you were a passenger in. If it was a single vehicle accident they will be responsible but if it wasn't then the at fault drivers insurance would cover it.

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