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In Canada it's the person backing up that would be At Fault considering you were slowing down for a stop sign. If you happened to be speeding and came around a corner and hit the person backing out that is a different story.

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When backing a passenger vehicle out of a parking place you should?

turn and look over your right shoulder

When backing a passenger vehicle out of parking place you should?

Look in ALL directions and yield to ANY oncoming traffic.

Who is at fault if backing out of a parking lot space and another vehicle behind you is also backing out?

both of you for not looking back

Who is at fault when a person is pulling out of a parking spot and going slowly using caution and a car traveling the parking lot collide?

A vehicle traveling in a parking lot has established use of the lane and the right of way. A vehicle in a parking space and backing into the lane must yield to oncoming traffic. Therefore, if a vehicle is backing out of a parking space and pulls into the path of an oncoming vehicle that has already established the lane, the vehicle backing would be at fault for the accident. However, if the vehicle which established use of the lane had an opportunity to avoid hitting the vehicle backing out of the space and failed to do so, there could be comparative negligence on both vehicles or on the one who had the opportunity to avoid the accident.

Who has the right of way in a parking lot the vehicle travelling down the lane or the vehicle backing out?

the person on the right.

If you are backing out of a parking spot and hit a unoccupied vehicle- who is at fault?

You are at fault.

When backing up car on left was sitting still when car that was going out of stall was half way out of parking stall car on left rolled back and hit passenger wheel well who is at fault?

It sounds like the other vehicle was at fault for improper backing, but each state is different and some are no-fault states. Still, if you were in the roadway or parking lot ailse, then you are considered to have right of way. It is incumbent on the other vehicle to make sure the path is clear before backing into traffic.

Who is at fault if you are backing out of a parking space and an oncoming vehicle to your rightjust pulled in the adjacent right parking space directly behind you and suddenly back out and hit you?


Who is at fault while Backing into a parking space in a lot and struck by a vehicle?

The person at fault would be the one backing into a parking space. Because they are going to look at it as, your supposed to pull into the parking space front first, not backing in. So it would be your fault. But I'm sure that both of you would get a ticket or something else, because they hit you, and you are violating parking lot conduct.

In California who is at fault in an accident where a vehicle backing out of a parking spot strikes a vehicle that is already backed up and about to leave forward?

The person backing out I am asuming other person has finished reversing and is leaving if I understood correctly

Who is at fault if you are backing up and the other car is driving straight looking for parking?

In most circumstances, the backing vehicle has the greater duty of care and would be found at fault.

What do parking sensors in a vehicle do?

Parking sensors are for the driver to be able to tell a proximity of other vehicles and objects around the car. This is a helpful tool if backing out of tight spaces and places that have a lot of things scattered around the vehicle.

The length between cones to set up for school bus maneuverability skills test The Alley Dock Straight Backing Parallel Parking and Offset backing?

The length for parralel parking is 10 ft. longer than your vehicle... I don't know about the others

Who is at fault when someone backs out of a parking spot and hits your car that was sitting still waiting ob the parking spot in Kentucky?

The backing vehicle is at fault. We are always supposed to look to ensure the path is clear before placing our vehicle in motion.

If a vehicle is going down a one-way street backs up and hits a vehicle backing out of a parking space- who is at fault?

The vehicle backing up is the one that caused that accident by not looking so they get 99% of the blame. However the other gets1% as they were nOt stopping. BTW did this happen to u?

You were at a complete stop in a parking lot when the car ahead of you began backing up and then hit you you feel as though she is completely liable as your vehicle was not even moving are you correct?

yes you are correct. the person backing up is responsible for making sure the area behind their vehicle is clear.

I was backing out of a parking space and the person behind me proceeded and i backed into the side of his front bumper He didnt see me and i didn't see him who is at fault?

Any driver that is the backing vehicle has a greater and duty and care to maintain proper lookout at all times. The driver that was traveling on the throughfare has control of the lane of travel and the backing vehicle must yield to them. Infortunately, you would the proximate cause of the accident for improper backing.

Who's at fault if you are backing out of a parking spot and someone going very fast hit you?

the person driving on the road has the right of way, which means he/she goes first, therefore you are to let the person pass by before backing your vehicle

Who is responsible when a car backing out of driveway collides with car pulling away from curb?

O.K. The vehicle that is backing out is backing out from private property. The vehicle that is pulling away should have the right of way. You see when a vehicle is trying to enter a Highway via driveway, parking lot, ect. he is ASKING for the right of way and he is responsible for yielding. Hope this helps. Thanks CMAC, 8 year SC State Trooper

Is a motorcycle a passenger vehicle?

Yes. It is a vehicle and it hauls a passenger.

What if two cars backing out of a parking spot and a vehicle coming from your right backs out the two cars collide right rear bumper to right rear bumper who is at fault?

Both partys are at fault and each party will need to file there vehicle under there own insurance. Parking lot accidents are always share fault unless one of the vehicle was parked, but since both vehicles were backing out at the same time, both partys are at fault unless you get a kind person to admit it was there fault.

Who is at fault if one vehicle entering a parking lot from traffic hits another vehicle exiting a parking space?

The vehicle exiting the parking space that did not yield to oncoming traffic.

Who is at fault if you were backing up from a parking space and the vehicle to your left already passed your car but then backed up at the same time you backed up and there was a collision?

Both of you. Neither driver was watching where they were backing. The ultimate fault will be determined based on the police report and an investigation.

Who is at fault when a vehicle is backing up to park crosses a drive through lane and collides with another vehicle?

Most likely the the vehicle doing the backing up would be at fault.

Who is at fault in an accident where a vehicle backing out of a parking spot strikes a vehicle that is speeding through the parking lot?

It depends. Parking lots are private property so the usual rules of the road don't apply. In some states it is 50-50 as far as who's at fault, because both drivers have a responsibility to watch for other drivers. Do not admit fault and let the insurance companies handle it.