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Who is at fault if you are backing up and the other car is driving straight looking for parking?


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2004-10-14 15:20:06
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In most circumstances, the backing vehicle has the greater duty of care and would be found At Fault.

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The person driving through. If you're backing out then you do not have the right of way.

The person who is backing out of the parking space

The greater fault lies with the person backing out of the parking space. You may still be partially at fault for not driving with due care.

The person backing out of the lot. Cars in the travel lane have right of way.

Backing up while driving is putting your car in reverse with your foot on the brake and slowly letting your foot off the brake. If you are pulling out of a parking spot you might turn the wheel.

If you are driving the backing car, no matter WHERE the other cas is located, YOU are the one at fault if you collide with it.

The person driving on the straightaway/ roadway. Backing out of a driveway or parking spot is the same as a stop sign. The right of way belongs to the person on the road.

If you back into somthing its your fault regardless of whether it was parked improperly or not. You were suposed to be looking

The length for parralel parking is 10 ft. longer than your vehicle... I don't know about the others

It would be the person driving fault because it is like the same thing as driving and hitting someone.

I would be interested to see how this plays out. I know my dad was backing out of a parking space slowly because he had two larger cars on either side of him and a driver was driving down the lane in the parking lot and rearended him. The other driver didnt stop for at least 20 feet so he was going pretty fast, but they still gave my dad the ticket for unsafe backing. But if both of you were backing out in a parking lot I dont know how that would play out. Did you guys call the cops? I suppose the cop could have given you both a ticket for unsafe backing??

If the person backing out of the space had not seen a pedestrian walking the "wrong way" it would be the fault of the driver of the car backing out....... So it is the fault of the person backing out. They did not look to make sure it was safe to do so.

the person driving on the road has the right of way, which means he/she goes first, therefore you are to let the person pass by before backing your vehicle

The person backing out. If you were in the lane/road behind them they needed to use caution when backing out.

Any time the driver who is backing is at fault, in all 50 states.

If it only happens when backing up, you may have the parking brake engaged.

It will probably depend on who was backing out first. The first one backing should have the right of way. Also the driving laws don't officially apply in private parking lots. The insurance companies will look at the collision based on driving laws though.

The person at fault would be the one backing into a parking space. Because they are going to look at it as, your supposed to pull into the parking space front first, not backing in. So it would be your fault. But I'm sure that both of you would get a ticket or something else, because they hit you, and you are violating parking lot conduct.

The driver of the parking car is at fault... he shd allways keep a man to inform him about danger, whenever backing in such a speedy street....

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