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In the absence of intersection control it is the left-turner who is At Fault. If there is control, as in this scenario, it is the car violating the control that is at fault.

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Does right hand turn lane yield to oncoming left turn traffic onto a highway on ramp if a yield sign present for right hand turners?

Yield means yield. Oncoming traffic already on the road has right of way. You merge when it is safe to do so.

Who is at fault when Driver A is making a left hand turn onto a side road with a signal in a marked passing zone and driver B attempts to pass and hits driver A?

Driver B

Who is at fault if you were driving straight and someone coming out of parking lot makes an illegal left turn and hits your front end?

Going ONLY by the information contained in the question: If the other driver struck you - then they are at fault. On the other hand, if YOU struck them, you MIGHT be at fault depending on whether they stopped before entering the roadway or not. It mainly comes down to a question of who had the last chance to stop, yield, or avoid the collision.

Are you at fault if you run into someone that is making a right hand turn on a red light?

i hope not because im am in a crappy predicament if so.. no, it is your right of way and they must yield to passing traffic. they would be at fault.

Who is at fault when driver B hits Driver A on passenger side when driver A is making left hand turn?

Entirely situation dependent. Need to know which vehicle had right-of-way in order to determine this.

Driver makes a right hand turn and a car pulls out into the road striking vehicle whose fault?

If the turning vehicle was struck by a vehicle entering the roadway it would be the the fault of the vehicle entering the roadway.HOWEVER, if the entering vehicle was struck by the turning vehicle, it is the fault of the turning driver.

Driver A making a left hand turn into a driveway off of a two way street and get hit leaving front end damage on driver A's car only side damage on driver B's car who tried to pass who's at fault?

Your question is slightly confusing. If you are saying that driver A was turning left and driver B attempted to pass them on the left then driver B is at fault because it is illegal to pass on the left except in a clearly marked passing zone (in which case as long as driver A had their directional signal on, driver B is still at fault).

Who is at fault if driver a is turning right into center turn lane to make left at an intersection and driver b is driving in center lane before the opening and hits driver a?

If the driver has completely turned into the center lane and vehicle B rear ends vehicle A directly from behind then it is driver Bs fault. If vehicle a has not completed the turn into the center lane and vehicle B impacts on an angle at say the drivers side door or left rear passengers door, basically anywhere along the left side of the vehicle then it is driver A's fault.Another View: When turning right onto a multi-lane roadway, the law requires you to turn into the right-hand lane of that roadway. You may change lanes only when you determine that the lanes to your left are clear to merge into. YOU are at fualt for the collision.

Can you sue a passenger in the at fault vehicle?

only if the passenger contributed to the accident (smoking marijuana causing the driver to get high via second hand, distracting the driver, etc) and can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

Driver A makes left hand turn in driveway with signal on. Driver b runs up curb smashes driver A from back fender to front fender in drive way he pops his tire who's fault?

Driver B is at fault---from the little info we have it appears he was too close behind driver A which caused B to run into the back and up the side of A. I would really need a little bit more info on this to be certain tho.

Is a left hand turn into traffic at an uncontrolled intersection legal?

It is legal. However, you are obligated to yield the right-of-way to oncoming traffic. Any collision with oncoming traffic would be considered your fault.

Someone is backing out of a parking spot and they hit youwho is at fault?

If this is a simple case of one driver backing into the car directly behind it, then the moving driver is at fault. That driver would be at fault even if the car that gets hit is illegally parked or parked to closely behind the moving driver. A moving driver is supposed to watch where he is going to make sure the way is clear and it is safe to proceed. If he moves without first making sure all is clear, then he is negligent because he is not allowed to plow into another car just because it shouldn't be there. Drivers are not allowed to run down jay-walkers just because it is illegal to cross at that spot (no matter how annoying that is). On the other hand if this is an accident where both cars are in motion then it is possible for the other driver to be at fault or both could be at fault.

Who is at fault in left hand turn accident?

It will likely be the person making the left turn who is at fault. It is the turning driver's responsibility to make certain that the turning maneuver can be completed in a safe manner without interference with opposing traffic. WHile the other driver who hit you MAY have contributed to the accident, it was the turning driver that precipitated it.

If you have no fault auto insurance will your insurance rates increase if you happen to be in an accident in which you were not at fault?

Generally speaking, no. However, in any moving incident/violation, your driving record is checked. If it turns out that you have a few past speeding tickets, and maybe another previous accident or two where you were not at fault, the insurance company may choose to tag you as a high-risk driver and increase your premium. On the other hand, if you are a driver with a spotless record, your rates will probably not go up in the event of an accident where you are not at fault.

Who is at fault when you are making a left hand turn and someone hits you in the back of the car?

Unless there is mitigating circumstances the driver in the rear that hit the car making the turn is at fault. You must maintain a safe distance between you and the car in front in order to avoid just such an accident. Now if the driver making the turn did not give a proper signal and stopped suddenly to turn, the rear car may have a case for it partially being the driver that was turnings fault, due to no signal being given. Which direction was the car that hit you travelling? If it was behind you going in the same direction, the first answer is correct. However, if it was going in the opposite direction and hit your rear quarter panel, you were turning left with on-coming traffic - your fault. If it was traveling either direction on the road you were turning onto, it would depend on the presence of any stop or yield signs or traffic signals.

Who's at fault when 18 wheeler makes a right turn from left lane hitting a car in the right lane?

The truck driver for not properly controlling their vehicle in a turn. The semi driver should always be watching in their mirrors on every turn and should have stopped before hitting the other vehicle. The truck driver shouldn't have been in the left lane to start with, but its not entirely his fault. Motorists should know that trailer trucks have to make wide right hand turns some trucks even have a warning placard on the back and on the right hand side of the trailer warning of wide turns to the right. So the fault should fall on both the drivers.

Is hand to hand or hand over hand steering safer for a new driver?

Hand over Hand is safer, all things being equal. It allows the driver to turn in a tighter arc in the event of an emergency requiring avoidance of an object in the road.

What hand does Nascar driver Ryan Newman write with?

His right hand

Driver 1 pulls to the far left lane which is the oncoming traffic lane to make a wide right hand turn but Driver 2 behind Driver 1 is going straight and gets hit by Driver 1 then who is at fault?

This is a very common accident to see involving Tractor-Trailers who must often swing left before turning right, and end up with a car whizzing up their right side. In spite of the fact that the manoevre was necessary, the onus is still on the driver who swung wide to ensure his right side remains clear. Therefore, Driver 1 is most likely at fault.

Who is at fault when driver A is making a signaled right hand turn from a right hand lane and driver B strikes driver A in rear passenger side bumper and Vehicle B receives a citation?

Almost without exception (actually I can't think of any) if a moving vehicle strikes a stopped vehicle from the rear, the operator of the moving vehicle is held responsible. ** The driver of B. That's why and what they were cited for. A strong hint is in the question - the one who strikes another is almost always wrong.

What does yuzuru mean in Japanese?

譲る = yield/hand over/surrender

Who is at fault if driver a waiting to make left hand turn does not yield to ongoing traffic and car b hits back end o f car who and was a busy street with no lights?

It depends on what you mean by 'ongoing'. If you are waiting to make a left, the traffic moving in the opposite direction is called the oncoming traffic. If you did not yield to the oncoming traffic, or did not wait for it to clear the intersection before you turned, then you are at fault for the accident. If you are waiting to make a left and a car moving the same direction as you are facing hits you, then the car that hit you is at fault IF you were stopped and/or signaling that you were turning left. When making a left turn from the left lane, cars on your side of the road are supposed to pass your car in the lane to the right of you; if you are making a left from the only lane, the cars behind you are supposed to stop and wait for you to make the turn.

What is a bidirectional cassette hub?

A bidirectional hub is a hub that can be a left hand driver or right hand driver... Just make sure your cranks are compatible

Does right hand turn lane yield to oncoming left turn traffic onto a highway on ramp if no yield sign present for right hand turners.?

If you have a red light and left turners have a green light then yes. Otherwise the general rule is those turning left yield to those turning right.

Who is at fault if the driver of a parked car pulls away and hits the open door of the parked car in the next space?

This question is impossible to specifically answer without a lot more information. However, it possible to discuss some variables which would impact the determination of fault. For example, IF the driver pulling out [vehicle 1] confirmed, BEFORE moving his/her vehicle, that it WAS SAFE to do so, and then WHILE he/she was pulling away, a person in the second vehicle opened the door in front of, or into contact with, the first vehicle, THEN THE FAULT would lie with the person who opened the door of the second vehicle. The driver of vehicle 1 is obligated to avoid a collision if possible, but is not responsible if circumstances preclude his/her ability to do so. On the other hand, IF, for example, the driver of vehicle 1 actually observed the open door of vehicle 2, and pulled out in spite of an obvious hazard, and struck the open door, then the fault should lie with driver 1. Also, if driver 1 pulled out WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING, then again, the fault should be with driver 1. Determination of fault in this type of collision if very difficult to accomplish, unless for example, a video surveilence camera clearly captured the above discussed actions, or the absense of those actions, the TIMING of those actions, and WHO did WHAT, WHEN. Good luck. j3h