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Who is better FIFA or WWE?


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wwe cause soccer is does not teach u any thing except how to showboat in wwe they teach u to fight


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wwe 13 is the best game ever

It depends what you're most interested in. FIFA 12 is a very fun game but WWE 12 is made better. On WWE 12 for Wii, you cannot do the create an arena feature, but you can on the X box and PS3.

FIFA 10 is better as the graphics are better and gameplay is easier, plus the teams are updated.

FIFA 20 is betterThanks to:*Better Graphics*Controller Response (Movement)

FIFA 10 because the graphics and gameplay are better and online has recently ended on FIFA 09 but is still on FIFA 10.

fifa 10 is better than pes 10 but fifa 11 is horrible.

Which is better fifa 14 or 2014 World Cup soccer

In my opinion WWE is better.

Yes, alot better!!! It's better with game control and shooting ability! Ive got Fifa 10, Fifa 09, Fifa 08 and 07 and Fifa 10 tops the list in ease!!!! Loving the game!!

Fifa 2008 is better on the Nintendo DS, because it is much more enhanced and more themes have been added to make it better than Fifa 2006.

In my opinion, WWE is better than WWF because: -WWE has HD -WWE has newly improved moves and... -WWE has lots of great Superstars

Well each year Fifa do their best to improve the game. So Fifa 12 will surely be more improved and better.

wwe 12 because graphics are way better and road to wrestlemania is awesome

wwe is way better than minecraft.thats a fact.

WWE is better its alot more exciting and its more entertaining go with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment] =]

For the wii, no way. Fifa 10 has about the same graphics and there is not as much pressure to choose different goal celebrations. For the xBox, its a completley different story. It has way better graphics and better fans than the fifa 10.

Fifa 12. No explanation is needed...

Personal opinion really. I think FIFA is better though.

Yes way better because there are more teams

FIFA 10 on ps3 is better in every aspect. Graphics, controls and ease among many others.

Fifa 13 is obviously undoubtedly better in 3ds as compared to fifa 12 adding to its other features such as great graphics, smooth gameplay, realistic ball movement.

GTA has better graphics than FIFA 10 however FIFA has better and more competitive online mode. All in all I would say that GTA is better but you can get easily bored however FIFA 10 is good because it takes a very long time to get bored of it.

FIFA 10 is more modern and up to date, so presumably yes.

smackdown vs raw 2011 is better then fifa 11

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