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rey is bettter but alberto won 4 time but 1 he shoud llose by enterferness by alberto ring anouser got him but the refare did it saw him so i think rey in 1000 episode

def alberto

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Q: Who is better rey mysterio or alberto del rio?
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Why wasn't Rey Mysterio at Vengeance 2011?

because he was injured by alberto del rio

How do you get alberto del rio in smackdown vs raw 2011?

you will be Kane against rey mysterio

Is alberto del rio related to Rey mysterio?

No. Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio are not related to one another. They both hail from Mexico and are of latino descent. Hence, they both are shown as feuding in the WWE. Apart from their relationship inside the WWE, they do not have any relationships outside the WWE.

Does rey mysterio wrestle?

yes. yes he does. well he did untill 2011 where he got injured by alberto del rio

Who will win at TLC?

edge will win undertaker will come and destroy Kane,rey mysterio and alberto del Rio

Did edge defeat Kane?

yes he won in a TLC match against Rey mysterio and alberto del Rio

When will rey mysterio be back?

Before Wrestlemania 28 he hopes he said he will beat Alberto Del Rio at Wrestlemania 28

How many Latino world champs were there in the WWE?

That I know of only three. Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, and Alberto Del Rio.

Who is better jack swagger or rey mysterio?

rey mysterio

Who is better AJ Styles Or Rey Mysterio?

Rey Mysterio

Who is better Rey mysterio or Mark Henry?

Rey Mysterio

Who is better john morrison or rey mysterio?

rey mysterio