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Who is credited for writing the Preamble of the Constitution?


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As head of the Committee on Style at the Constitutional Convention, Gouverneur Morris, delegate from Pennsylvania, is given credit for the final copy of the Constitution of the United States, including the preamble.


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The Preamble introduces the Constitution by listing six important reason for writing the U.S. Constitution.

it was written to tell the reason for writing the constitution

The preamble is meant to explain why our government was made public by the Framers of the constitution. It helps understand the reason behind writing the constitution.

The purpose for the writing of the United States Constitution is listed in its preamble. This is the very beginning of the Constitution.

Gouverneur Morris is more famous for writing the preamble of the constitution.

No. Jefferson was in France when it was written.

The Preamble is part of the Constitution. The United States Constitution is made up of the Preamble, Articles, and Amendments.

There are 27 amendments in the preamble constitution.

It depends on your point of view. The preamble is a statement of what an ideal government should do. From the writers' point of view one just simply had to be there. When writing the Constitution, they simply allocated the space for a preamble and when they finished writing the rest of the document wrote the preamble. It does not discuss how the rest attempts to provide as good of government as possible, nor does it have any statements relating to law. However, of all words from the Constitution the ones in the preamble are the most repeated, and they help introduce the reader to the document.

Yes, a constitution can exist without a preamble. However, the preamble to the constitution provides for a clear understanding as to what is intended by the constitution for more clarity.

The first word in the preamble of the US constitution is "We."

Gouverneur Morris authored the Preamble to the Constitution of USA.

The author (writer) of the Constitution is not given in the preamble.

what is the preamble of the philippines?

The preamble of the Constitution is the explanation of what the Constitution is about and tells the main points of it.

The preamble to the Philippines constitution introduces the constitution and the source of sovereignty, the people.

The Constitution is not called the Preamble. The Preamble to the Constitution is a paragraph that introduces the Constitution and precedes Article I of the Constitution. It begins, "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union,..."

No one person wrote the constitution, but all the notes were taken by James Madison. The Constitution is the effort of 55 men.

The preamble is the introduction to the constitution. It sums up the major rules and rights of the constitution.

The reason for the preamble is that it is a introduction to a document like the constitution for that it was the introduction to the constitution

The Preamble is not an enforceable part of the Constitution.

The preamble just tells the reader the purpose of the constitution.

There are no goals in the preamble. It only states why the constitution was written.

The preamble explains the reasons why the Framers of the Constitution made our government a republic. The preamble helps explain why the constitution was written.

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