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If the person cutting the tree dropped on on the car, its their fault. There is no reason for it to fall on a car, unless the person was in a hurry and did it or just didnt know what they were doing in the first place. So if the company cutting it did it they're paying...or if you did it, you're paying...easy as that

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Why do some cigars unravel while you are smoking them?

Cutting the cigar in the proper place between the top and bottom of the cap keeps the cigar from unraveling and falling apart while you smoke it . Look to the related link below .

How do you get neighbors on animal crossing wild world?

Neighbors will just automatically move in. You have no control of who moves in; the neighbors just move in after a while.

What is the song Falling for you while you're falling for Me called I think is has a fast beat and is sung by a girl Please help Thanks in advance?

um... does it go "falling for you while you're falling for me. Falling together"?

Who is liable my car was hit while doing a you turn?

You are.

What are the advantages of selective cutting and clear cutting?

Selective cutting you can get the exact trees you need while still keeping the wildlife Alice, while clear cutting you get the wood faster but some wildlife will die

How can you prevent from crying while cutting an onion?

I've heard that Chewing gum while cutting onions helps.

Will you not cry if you chew gum while cutting onions?

it is true that if you chew gum while cutting onions you will not cry

Does cutting hurt?

Cutting someone else or yourself does hurt, while cutting a piece of paper or your shirt does not.

Auto wrecked while on job.Is the company liable?

no it is not reliable

Are you liable for hitting someone in the back while they were yielding?


How can an 11 year old make a little cash during the summer?

Try mowing neighbors lawns, washing cars, doing yard work for neighbors such as weeding, walking neighbors dogs, watching neighbors houses while they are on vacation, watering neighbors yards while they are on vacation, just open your mind and the ideas will flood in.

Is someone liable for hospital bill incurred while unemployed?

A person is liable for a hospital bill that is incurred while unemployed. Once the bill is issued, you can apply for charity care to offset the costs.

Who are liable for perjury?

Anyone who lies in their testimony while under oath.

Are police liable for damages done to a car that was searched while it was impounded because of drug charges?

If no drugs were found and you were aquitted completely, then they are liable for damages.

Is employer liable if employee gets injured by falling debris. I was injured when a fellow employee tried to pull a heavy box from the top of a rolling shelf that I was instructed to sit next to?

Your employer is liable for ALL injuries that happen to employees "in the course and scope of employment". "In the course" means during the period you are clocked in and subject to the employer's direction. NOT before or after work or while away from the workplace at lunch. "In the scope" means while performing your assigned duties - not while fighting or stealing or picketing.

Cutting speed of carbide tools while cutting low carbon steel?


What do you use to pin a fabric down while cutting around it?

To pin a fabric down while cutting around it you would use a straight pin.

How can you pass out for a while?

Erm...falling asleep?

Why is strip cutting better than clear cutting?

.Clear cutting takes all of the trees in an area while strip cutting takes a narrow strip of trees and allows it to regenerate.

What is some good cutting songs?

It depends upon what you're cutting. If you're cutting wood or sod, you might want different music from what you would listen to while cutting yourself.

If a tow truck tows your car out of your employers lot while it is legally parked there is this theft and is the towing company liable for damages they caused?

Yes it is theft and they are liable for damages

Falling asleep while driving?

wouldn't recommend it

What is a personification of a raindrop?

The raindrop cried while it was falling.

How do you earn money if your 10 years old?

Paper routes or doing chores (cutting grass, washing windows, pulling weeds, watching pets while owners are away, etc.) for neighbors.In about another three years, you'll be old enough to babysit.

How do you make a sentence with the word cutting?

I was cutting bread when the telephone rang.Cutting trees down is hard work.I was cutting apples to make pies, while my sister was cutting fabric to make a dress.

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