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Who is liable if you borrow someone?


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Liability always rests with the At Fault party. The insurance company covers the property not the person.


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You liable if someone gets hurt on your property no matter what.

if you borrow an account from someone it could be possible but you cant borrow from club penguin

Something or someone responsible by law.

Yes the person crashed the car is directly liable, but if you gave him the car and he was drunk or etc. you are also liable

Well in 2 different states that I have lived and worked in the insurance follows the vehicle not the person. If someone is letting you borrow there vehicle then they are accepting responsibility for your actions, therefore the accident would be covered on there policy. Of course I would check with state laws to make sure.

No, lend means to give to someone; borrow means to have someone give you something that you return after a certain amount of time. For example: I'll lend you my pencil. Can I borrow your pencil?

No. Someone who pays the debt or an authorized user are not liable for the debt. Only someone named as a joint account holder can be held liable.

Yes. If someone damages your property, they're liable.

First of all, it depends who it is from. If it is from a rental company, i dont know. but if it is from a friend i think you are liable for the damages.

"Borrow" means to take and use something that belongs to someone else with the intention of returning it.

You can possibly be held liable if you suggested this. This is highly against the law and can result in jail time.

I believe most insurances will cover the damages if the car is insured and you have a license, but if you do not have a license the insurance will not cover anything you are both liable. Your friend is liable for loning you the car without a license and you are liable for driving it.

The word is spelled borrow. Example: May I borrow your pen.

to give to someone for a short time or borrow

Yes, but only if someone has one to lend it to you.

The fault lies with the vehicle that cause the accident. When someone borrows a car, the car owner can be liable because the allowed someone to drive the vehicle. Often this type of accident has to be sorted out in court.

If someone hits a parked car then they are automatically liable.

Someone may be injured and you may be held liable.

No. The only person who is liable is the person who hit your vehicle.

In which movie does someone say: "Can I borrow your underpants for 10 minutes"?

you can get twilight in Indianapolis at a bookstore, library, or borrow it from someone who has it

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