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Q: Who is my father's mother is your brother's father?
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Who am i I have no brothers or sisters but my father's father is his fathers son?


What if your sisters fathers brothers daughters mother?

your auntie.. your sisters father is your dad..your dads brother is your uncle..your uncles daughter is your cousin and your cousins mother is your auntie:)!

How do you say fathers mother in Tamil?

Father = Appa Mother = Amma

My sons father is your fathers son brothers and sisters I have none?


What do you call two brothers with a different father?

* Two brothers with different fathers would be half brothers. * Step-brothers.

Who is the certain man when Brothers and sisters Have you none But a certain mans father is your fathers son?

My son. "My fathers son" is myself, if I don't have brothers and sisters.Therefore, "A certain man's father is my father's son" simplifies to "A certain man's father is myself".

What was neil Armstrong mother and fathers name?

strong father and mother name

What are sisters and brothers?

They are relatives born to the same mother and father as you and half sisters and brothers are either born to a different mother to you but same father of different father and same mother to you

Brothers and sisters you have none but this mans father is your fathers son who are you?

his brother

What is Elisha Gray's mother and father's name?

what is elisa greay mother and fathers name

What is the answer to this riddle brothers I have none but fathers I have 1?

"Because you are your father's only son."

Brothers and sisiters you have none but that mans father is your fathers son?

When looking in a mirror, it is "YOU".

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