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Who is responsible for maintaining a deeded access road?

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Sounds Like A Problem That You Need To Take To Your County Attorney. The Court House Records And County Attorney Will Be At Your Hand, For Information You May Need. That Is Copy Of Deed Ect. Hope This Helps

2006-07-28 20:21:10
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Q: Who is responsible for maintaining a deeded access road?
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In yavapai county Arizona who is responsible for maintaining a private road?

In Yavapai County, Arizona, the maintenance of private roads is the responsibility of the property owners. Yavapai County is responsible for county roads.

What are the land lock laws in Tennessee?

What are the land lock laws in Tennessee? How can I obtain access to my land that has been in my family for over 100 years? The property begins off the Rockwood golf course. Would they be responsible to giving me an access road?

What is the only state capital with no road access?

Juneau is the only US state capital with no road access. It can only be reached by air or sea.

Who is responsible for maintenance of private road?

The owner.

What is landlocked in Iowa?

Landlocked land is land that has no access from a road except over the property belonging to others.Landlocked land is land that has no access from a road except over the property belonging to others.Landlocked land is land that has no access from a road except over the property belonging to others.Landlocked land is land that has no access from a road except over the property belonging to others.

How do you access land that is landlocked?

by road or river

Who is responsible for road accidents?

on case of road road maker & ministers on the case of driver by drinking faults in car road accidents are accures

Access road to your property and neighbors putting fence up blocking your access road what are your rights?

Consult an attorney immediately. They cannot block a public access road. And if that is the only route to your property, they cannot prevent you from using it. The attorney will tell you what the laws are that apply in your state.

What are the rules for access only roads in the UK?

You may use access only roads if you require access to a property on the road. You may not use access only roads as through routes or for parking when you do not intend to visit a property on the road. The police can issue £30 fines to road users who ignore 'access only' restrictions however the offence does not carry endorsement points.

How do you access the silk road website?

If you search Google for "Silk Road" the first link will be the official Silk Road website. You can access it directly by following the related links in this answer also. You can also type in " I'm SEXY and I know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are chasing a horse that is on the road who is responsible if he hits you?

I would say you are.

What were some of the technological advances that the Silk Road was responsible for?

because it was

What is the legal definition of a Michigan road?

Any public road that is not an Interstate highway or that is not access on federal land.

Who was most responsible for the spread of the plague?

Mongol were most responsible. They spread Black Death via silk road.

How do you say access road in spanish?

carretera de acceso

Who is resaponsible for an Accident on private road?

Normally, the same person who would have been responsible for the accident on a public road.

How can go carts be banned from your private road Road is narrow with hills and curves Go carts are being driven by minors?

It depends on if the private road is an access road or not. If the private road is not an access road simply place no trespassing signs up. If you're required by law to allow access to another property through your road you can post a sign stating a minimum vehicle requirement (simply ban go carts and like vehicles) and/or a speed limit for safety concerns. I would suggest 5 MPH for most cases. Check with your local or state transportation department for governing laws in your area pertaining to access roads.

Why you need a license to drive?

To demonstrate that you understand and are responsible for the rules of the road.

Who is responsible if tree falls on road?

If a tree falls on a road, Presumably a public road just call the city or county, They will have it removed. If a tree falls on a private road. Call the owner of the road. It would be his responsibility to remove it.

What is probably one of the most important factors in maintaining control of your vehicle?

Paying attention to what is happening on the road and being alert.

There's an escapefire road down the mountain where I live but this guy that owns the property that the road goes through keeps cutting down trees in the road so no one can go through Is that legal?

Im not sure on the laws of the county or township were you live,but I would think that if the road is a public way,or,as you say,an emergency exit,I don`t think it can be blocked by the abutting landowner.In my neck of the woods,in rural western Mass. there was a case of a landowner that owned the land on both sides of an access road.He wanted to put a gate across the road,but he couldn't legally do it because the road, a little rutted up mud path,mostly accesible by 4x4`s or farm equipment,was still legally a town road and public way,even though it wasnt maintained (but was access to the best deer hunting area around).check with your town board or local bylaws to be sure,but I think this guy ain't acting right. --- 1. Depends on the county and state laws ruling property. 2. In many states, if the road is HIS property, and not deeded access through the state, he can do what he wants with the land. Is there an easement against the deed? If he owns the property and there isn't an easement - then it isn't a public right of way in most states. He can do as he wishes with the road. Just because it may have been cut during an emergency response to a fire doesn't then make it a public right of way. The road bed must be deeded to the county/state/Federal government or an easement on the owners deed. That being said - during a declared emergency, the state and county likely has the right to reclear and reuse the route for the public good. A bulldozer and a chain saw would make wuick work of it. --- If its an escape-fire road, and there is no fire - what are you doing on the road? Sounds like tresspassing to me...

What was not true of the rule of Henry IV?

he was responsible for road improvements and building bridges

You were driving down a main road driver came out of his driveway and hit your car who is responsible?

The driver travelling in reverse is almost always responsible. In this case, he would have had a duty to ensure the road was clear before backing out of the driveway.

What does the term highway interchange mean?

A short road giving access to an expressway.

Can you gate an access road?

First, I will assume that someone has an easement to use this access road. There is no definitive yes or no answer. The magic words are: you can not cause an unreasonable interference with the easement. So if the access road is accross a cow pasture leding to a single house, then it's probably ok to put one up. If the access road leads to a business, then a gate is probably an unreasonable interference. Even if a gate is not an unreasonable interference, putting a lock on a gate will probably always be an unreasonable interference. So don't unreasonably interfere with an easement, you might end up getting sued.