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You are both responsible. You are responsible because you are the owner and you should make sure that anyone who drivers your car is legal. Also the person who drove without a license is responsible because they didnt have a license which is illegal, and they dont have insurance, which is illegal. You may be the person they go after and you may find yourself having to sue the other person.


Your policy will probably not cover the event. Check in with your insurance agent.

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Q: Who is responsible for the damages if someone without a license drives your insured car and wrecks it?
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Can you drive someone else's car if you have a valid license but are not insured?

Is the CAR insured? If not, it's not legal.

Who is responsible for damages if you are not insured driving someone else vehichle?

The driver is always responsible. It is the drivers obligation to verify insurance before getting behind the wheel. If you have insurance on another vehicle you may have some liability insurance covering YOU when you get in someone else's vehicle. Check with your agent.

Do you need insurance with a learner's permit?

Yes. All cars on the road have to be insured. If you have a learners permit, then you need to be driving with someone who does have their license and is insured.

When a driver has no driver's license or insurance but driving a car that is insured and someone hits them who is responsible?

It's going to be very difficult to claim that it's not the fault of the person who was breaking the law by driving illegally.

If a car is registered in Illinois and someone with an Indiana drivers license drives it can the driver be insured in Illinois?

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If you rear end someone stopped in the middle of the road and the driver has no liCENSE or insurance are you STILL AT FAULT?

Yes, you are still at fault. It doesn't matter whether or not they had insurance, you still hit their vehicle and are therefore still responsible for their damages.

What if a driver does not have a license and is driving a car registered and insured by someone else?

the driver will get caught go to jail and pay a fine

What legal principle allows someone to sue a person for all damages if they were only partially responsible?

tort law

What is licensed bonded and insured?

license......a business permit issued by a city or county government. The term bonded or insured is basically the same thing. Bonded usually applies if someone handles money or other valuables.

What happens when you hit someone backing up when that person has an expired drivers license?

If you're responsible for the accident, you're still responsible even if the other person hasn't got a driver's license.

Whose insurance is responsible for damages on a loaner car from a car dealership?

Until an expert car rental agent, or an insurance expert can improve the following answer, it will have to be from the standpoint of a layman who occasionally rent vehicles. When you sign a rental contract, you agree to be responsible for any and all damages to the rented vehicle. As I have always had insurance on my vehicles, it will pay for losses for which I am responsible, but only if there is no other insurance in force. In the event that someone else is legally responsible for the damage to the loaner car, then it may be that with luck, they are insured, and their insurance carrier will pay for the damage. BUT, if they don't, the rental agency will continue to hold you personally responsibe.

Can someone without insurance and whose license was cancel sue you if you had an accident with him and you were at fault?

Absolutely, this person can and will sue you. Just because he/she wasn't licensed doesn't mean that you have the right to get in an accident with him/her. The only thing that will happen to the other person is get a citation for driving without a license, or whatever the case may be. You are still responsible for all damages.

If someone rear ends you and your license is expired but the car your driving is insured what will happen?

you will get a ticket and probably get your license suspended for longer and insurance will probably not cover the accident b/c you were driving with a suspended license but of course this is just one scenario

If you have no license and someone crashes into you does their insurance have to pay for damages?

State laws vary on at-fault crashes, but if there's clear evidence the other car was at fault in the crash, their insurance should pay for the damages. However, if you have no valid drivers license, that should be amandatory court appearance. If you want to drive, ontain the training and license necessary to do so.

Can the owner of a car have it insured in someone else's name?

Yes you can, provided they have a license. However, if you intend to drive it also make you sure you are on the policy as well.

What if someone is driving your car and they get into an accident and get hurt and they do not have car insurance is the owners insurance responsible for medical for the injured driver and damages?

You guessed it!

Are you responsible if you lend your car to someone without them being insured to drive it?

Usually if the person is over 18, has a license in good standing, and your insurance policy allows other drivers, you should be okay. Still, since you own the car, you may have some liability if the car crashes.

Who's auto insurance is responsible for medical if the other driver does not have insurance?

This is a no brainer ... if the other driver has no insurance, how possibly could their non-existent insurance be responsible for medical? The only recourse here is to take the other driver to court and sue for damages. Chances are you will still get nothing - most likely if someone cannot afford auto insurance, they certainly could not afford any out of pocket medical expenses. This is why most motorists have to carry under-insured and un-insured auto insurance on their policies ... for your own protection.

What happens when you hit someone in a car accident then find out you don't have enough insurance to cover all their damages?

Once your insurance has paid, you are responsible for the rest.

What happens if someone without insurance gets into a car accident?

There are legal requirements that all drivers be insured- as well as licensed and carrying proper registration documents- separate from the driver"s license and of course obligatory license plates.

What kind of insurance pays to fix damages that you cause but does not cover your own car?

If you were driving someone else's car with their knowledge and consent, and were named as an additional insured or otherwise covered under the policy, that liability coverage is likely to pay. If you neither had permission nor were an additional insured (by being named on the policy or because of a relationship to the named insured), you probably would not be covered. As a practical matter, if the damages were relatively minor, the insurer may make a business decision to pay the claim. Otherwise, it would issue a "reservation of rights" to the named insured stating that it was not going to cover the claim.

What does licensed and insured mean for a general contractor?

Being licensed basically states that the contractor has the knowledge expected to perform the services indicated on the license.Being insured means that while he's doing the job you hired him to do, if he backs his truck into the wall of your garage or sets fire to your home, he has insurance that can pay for damages or to have it fixed.

If you use someone else's intellectual property do you have to pay the rights holder a fee under a compulsory license?

Using the intellectual property of someone else is punishable by the payment of the rights holder with a fee under a compulsory license as well as punitive damages and imprisonment in some extreme cases.

Will my insurance pay for damages for drivers car without license?

When you allow someone to drive your car, you are giving them the coverage of your insurance. If they were to get into an accident, your policy would pay first.

Can you say anything in court after receiving your second no insurance ticket to reduce loss of license?

I would say you cannot say anything and should loose your license. I don't want you hitting me or my family and then have no insurance even to pay for our damages. I hope you realize that if you do hit someone without insurance you will be responsible for damages out of your pocket and in most states that requries an automatic loss of your license for a specific time limit plus your license cannot be reinstated until you repay all damages, expenses, and interest to the other party or their insurance company if they received payment from their carrier. Insurance companies will and do come after uninsured drivers who cause loss to their clients. If you are not responsible enough or for any other reason let you insurance cancel, do not drive. It's simple. As a matter of full disclosure, I own and operate a small Independent Insurance Agency for the past 22 years and worked as an agent for direct writers for 3 years prior to that.