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You need to address your question to the attorneys who represented the parties in the case. They would know the details of the case, the nature of the liens and who would be responsible for payment.

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2009-05-17 18:42:24
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Q: Who is responsible for the tax liens after action to quiet title in Pennsylvania?
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Will filing quiet title action eliminate liens and mortgages on a parcel?

A quiet title action can only "quiet" liens or claims that have been made a part of the quiet title action. Usually that type of action involves an old but still active lien or mortgage that was paid but was not discharged as of record. Quiet title actions cover a very broad category and may vary in different state jurisdictions. You should consult with an attorney about your particular case. If you wish to wipe out unpaid liens and mortgages through a quiet title action forget about it.

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How many years must pass before marketable title can be claimed from a Tax Deed in Florida?

In order to be able to sell or mortgage the property you need to bring a Quiet Title action in the appropriate court. The decree will bar any future claims against the property and make it insurable. You can review a good discussion of the procedure at the link below. As mentioned above a quiet title will make void and nullify inferior liens and encumbrances but superior encumbrances will stand regardless of filing the quiet title action. After acquisition of a tax deed in Florida there are basically three options. 1. Sell your interest in the property via Quit Claim Deed without insurable/marketable title. 2. File your quiet title action and after being favorably adjudged in the Civil Court of which the property lies, you can then convey the property free of inferior liens but any superior liens will need be satisfied and those parties of interest should be acknowledged and paid prior to filing. 3. Do not file your quiet title action, hold your interest in the property for 4 years, pay off the superior encumbrance/lien holders and make sure you pay all dues, taxes associated with the property during that time. This in essence will purge the title of those inferior parties of interest holding an interest. In accordance to the general underwriting practices you will have insurable title.

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How long do you have to advertise a property for a quiet title action?

Depends on which state you are in.

How do you respond to a Quiet Title?

You must provide your own evidence that the claims set forth in the Quiet Title action are incorrect and you have some legal interest in the property. If you don’t want to oppose the action then you can do nothing.

Does having a quiet title protect future owners of the property?

All future owners will have the benefit of the decision rendered in the quiet title action.

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