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Who is the CEO of Cognizant?

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Francisco D'Souza is the CEO of Cognizant.

2011-02-27 21:23:30
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Related Questions

Who is Cognizant Technology Solution's CEO?

Francisco D'Souza

What is the meaning of cognizant?

cognizant - aware (of)

Sentences with the word cognizant in it.?

The girl was cognizant of each spelling in the spell bee competition. This is an example of cognizant word in sentence.

Use cognizant in a sentence?

cognizant is a company!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does cognizant mean?

Cognizant means aware of.

Can the word cognizant be used as noun?

No, the word 'cognizant' is an adjective, a word used to describe a noun.The noun form of the adjective 'cognizant' is cognizance.

Is it correct to say cognizant with your desire to.?

No. We are cognizant of something, not with it. Perhaps you mean consistent with?

What is the population of Cognizant Technology Solutions?

Cognizant Technology Solutions's population is 2,011.

When was Cognizant Technology Solutions created?

Cognizant Technology Solutions was created in 1994.

How do you use the word cognizant in a sentence?

Rachel was cognizant of the upcoming test as she had been reminded many times of it.The student was cognizant of the rule which precluded him/her copying homework answers off the Internet.The word cognizant means to be aware of or knowledge of what surrounds you.Bob was not cognizant about the blazing fire heading towards his town.

What is the rank of cognizant in world and among software companies?

cognizant is at 84 th place

How do you write a sentence for cognizant?

He was cognizant of the difficulty. Saying "He was cognizant and aware of the difficulty" is redundant. This is similar to saying "He knew about and was aware of the difficulty". Here is a better sentence: Jason believes that everyone should be cognizant of current exchange rates when quoting prices to their customers.

Is Cognizant Technology Solutions a Indian company?

Cognizant Technology Solutions (Cognizant) (NASDAQ: CTSH) is an American multinational IT services and consulting corporation headquartered in Teaneck, New Jersey, United States

What is the ticker symbol for Cognizant Technology Solutions?

The ticker symbol for Cognizant Technology Solutions is CTSH and it is traded on the Nasdaq.

Sentence using cognizant?

He was known as cognizant Zack because whenever there is a problem, he is the one who helps solve the problem.

What is the symbol for Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation in NASDAQ?

The symbol for Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation in NASDAQ is: CTSH.

Why do you want to join Cognizant?

I want to join cognizant,because it is a multi national company,it's also one of the fastest growing IT company in the world,i would like to join and grow my profession with cognizant.

What is your expectation from cognizant?

cognizant is named one of the fortune 500 most developing software companies and hence i hope that it would be a cognizant(sensible) decision for me to join in the company so that i can build a consistent and strong carrier.

Cognizant in a sentence?

Before the official visit to another country, a representative of the United States must be cognizant of its customs and traditions

What is cognizant 2.0?

Cognizant 2.0 ----It provides seamless access to a worldwide talent pool, connected via a single platform .

Does wipro and cognizant have medical coding job?

only cognizant is having medical coding & wipro is going to launch by 2014

What is the package in Cognizant for freshers?


What is the root word of cognizance?


In what year did Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation - CTSH - have its IPO?

Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation (CTSH) had its IPO in 1998.

Who is the founder of cognizant?

kumar mahadeva in 1994